Episode 133: Laura is Fired

  • Six people host this week’s episode!
  • … including one new host, Elysa Montfort of MuggleNet Fan Fiction!
  • We discuss the recent unintentional director leak.
  • What we think of a new scene being added to Half-Blood Prince, and when it will happen.
  • Andrew, Laura, Matt and Elysa give a review of Spiderwick Chronicles.
  • The word “Potter” and “Claritin” comes to mind in several of its scenes.
  • The next live online MuggleCast is coming soon.
  • Rebuttals address our statement about negative e-mails and Gryffindor’s Sword.
  • Chapter by Chapter covers two chapters this week!
  • Why doesn’t Harry care much about the statue created in memorial of his family?
  • What do the lines the gravestones mean exactly?
  • Favorites: HP movie poster/DVD cover.
  • Make the Music connection returns, revamped.
  • Elysa is great. Laura is fired.

Download Now Running time: 1:43:12, 47.2 MB