Episode 159: Hanging Voldemort

  • Was it right for WB to remove the Hogwarts battle in HBP just because there’s one in DH?
  • Many many many MANY HBP pictures. Is WB upset with all the scans?
  • Is this a good thing for the companies printing the calendar? Are holiday sales better than summer sales?
  • Does modeling a printing press suggest where the DH film split will be?
  • What’s with the DH paperback delay?
  • David Heyman talks HBP/DH, and we talk back.
  • JK Rowling donates 1 million pounds to the Labour Party.
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  • Main Discussion: What happened directly AFTER the Battle of Hogwarts?
  • We ask ourselves several questions that fans have been wondering since reading the epic battle.
  • Our MuggleCast Debate segment makes a long-awaited return. We ask: Should Voldemort have a portrait in Hogwarts?
  • Guess the Scene, This Week in MuggleCast History, and Chicken Soup.

Download Now Running time: 1:29:30, 41 MB

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