Episode 169: A Vision From Benlawney

  • We’re live to discuss the Japanese Half-Blood Prince trailer!
  • We attempt to hit 10,000 members on MuggleSpace while on the air.
  • Have Michael Gambon and Emma Watson changed their tune for this film?
  • And why again is this rated PG?
  • Live callers tell us what their favorite parts of the trailer are.
  • Are there any scenes we’d like to see cut?
  • What are they doing instead of Dumbledore’s funeral?
  • We give the MPAA a call to see why it was rated PG.
  • Hagrid calls in to ask Laura a serious question.
  • When will the next trailer be out? Ben has a vision.

Download Now Running time: 1:35:01, 34.4 MB

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