Episode 239: Feed Your Owl

  • It’s back to school time again with MuggleCast!
  • Andrew, Micah and Matt all reveal their new jobs. MuggleCast will be making some behind-the-scenes changes and Eric may be taking a seat on Dateline.
  • Deleted Scenes from Deathly Hallows titles released. Do we think that they will be special and/or exciting?
  • Ultimate Edition DVDs. Press conference footage from when the children were young is touching! What will the documentary on HP8’s Ultimate dvd be? We speculate.
  • J.K. Rowling a possible victim of phone hacking scandal
  • All of the hosts have been sorted on Pottermore, and each Hogwarts House is represented on today’s show!
  • What do we think about Pottermore? What are some of the disadvantages of gaining BETA access?
  • Just how accurate IS the sorting on Pottermore, is it rigged, and were we misled?
  • Is there good replay value or will there be, once Pottermore is open to all?
  • We come with feature ideas for the site. Hint: Neopets and Farmville.
  • Favorites: Creature
  • Listener e-mails include a potential for Oscar Success DHP2, a favorite chapter, Andrew’s remarkable prediction from Episode 71, and a new “Awesome” place to listen from.
  • Next episode of MuggleCast will air October 16th!

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