Episode 32: His Mother’s Ankles

  • A full cast of MuggleCasters…or is it?
  • Our first batch of Listener Rebuttals
  • “Right, Andrew?!” cries Ben
  • Won’t/Shan’t revisited
  • So who IS the milkman?
  • Discussion on Chapters 4 and 5 from Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Is it All a dream?
  • Harry’s father’s mother’s daughter-in-law’s eyes
  • Darth Potters – Lily and James on the Dark Side?
  • Fudge and the Muggles
  • Is Slytherin the only house for bad guys?
  • Secret Magic within Ollivander’s?
  • And that’s where…whaaa?
  • Next week: the normal segments and normal co-hosts return

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