Episode #320: Tina

  • Slug Club member Katy joins the show!
  • Andrew visits a Thunderbolt.. ThunderBIRD restaurant in middle-of-nowhere Utah
  • Pottermore launches a Harry Potter book club… been there, done that
  • Cursed Child sets its opening date on Broadway. We make plans to attend
  • Andrew steals the Potter prequel
  • We take listener rebuttals on last week’s Jacob discussion
  • Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Porpetina Esther Goldstein
  • Katy gives us a breakdown of Tina’s name origin
  • Was her character written to just not be all that interesting… initially?
  • Could the Goldsteins face religious persecution in future films?
  • Tina is the most straight-laced of the quartet but is not without her quirks or passions
  • What does the reasoning behind her demotion at MACUSA tell us about her character?
  • The Tina-Credence connection
  • Voicemails return with some entertaining messages… and threats

Running time: 1:36:32, 57.9 MB

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  1. I think it was perfectly understandable why Queenie and Jacob share a kiss, but not Newt and Tina. Queenie and Jacob are both much more expressive and free with their emotions, Queenie knew at that point that they were saying goodbye, and they already shared a certain level of intimacy with her reading Jacob’s mind and knowing that he was interested in her just as she was interested in him. The slower developing relationship between Newt and Tina makes sense; she is very reserved and even shy in comparison to her sister, and it still seeems like Newt isn’t entirely “over” his friend Leta. I’m entirely ok with them using a more natural progression of their relationship since we know they’ll get there in the end. Great episode you guys!

    1. Good point re: Tina still being slightly worried about Newt having feelings for Leta and Newt not being entirely sure how he feels yet! I like the fact that they’re taking that relationship slowly as well. Great points 🙂

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