Episode #319: Jacob

  • It’s a two-man show with Andrew traversing the country
  • ┬áBut he does make a pit-stop at a very interesting restaurant
  • Listeners give their feedback on last week’s Queenie discussion
  • The Cursed Child has been filmed! It’s not what you think…
  • On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, JKR apologizes for another character death!
  • Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Jacob Kowalski
  • The heart of the film and our first major, non-magical character
  • What is Jacob’s role in the Quartet?
  • We discuss how he humanizes Newt and his relationship with Queenie
  • Why take Jacob on a ride of a lifetime only to have it taken away at the end of the movie?
  • What does he truly remember?
  • How will Jacob factor into the next film? Is he vulnerable? Can he be used against Newt?
  • Dueling Club: No-Maj edition

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Running time: 1:14:12, 44.5 MB

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