Episode #322: “Graves”

  • Welcome Slug Club Member Clara
  • The original cast of Cursed Child close the show on an interesting note
  • We’ll be at MuggleNet Live in Orlando this September!
  • Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Percival Graves (Grindelwald)
  • We discuss his name origin and other notable Percivals in the Potter series
  • What truly happened to Graves?
  • Was the Graves/Grindelwald story all a little bit too Mad-Eye Moody? We consult the Twitter poll!
  • When did Graves return from his overseas travel? How closely was he working with Theseus Scamander?
  • Can we expect to see Graves in future films? Was he detained? Imprisoned? Killed?
  • Grindelwald’s masterful job of impersonation and manipulation
  • What does it say about MACUSA that NOBODY suspected him?
  • David Heyman describes Grindelwald as both “seductive” and a “rock star”
  • Does his treatment of Credence shine a light on his relationship with Dumbledore?

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  1. omg, you are still doing Mugglecast after so long! my last download played on old iPod shuffle was probably somewhere back in 2007/2008! Thanks for keeping this alive!

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