Episode #325: Fleurble The Fake

  • Happy Father’s Day and congrats Mikey B!
  • We acknowledge several of the dads and father figures in the Potter series!
  • Pottemore continues to troll Andrew
  • Who the eff is Fleurble Laffalo?
  • We review the new 20th Anniversary editions of Philosopher’s Stone
  • Amazon.co.uk has some questionable shipping methods
  • Can we expect future anniversary editions of other Potter books? What special content would they feature?
  • We discuss some of the notable members of each of the Hogwarts houses
  • Flitwick the dueling champion, Draco the occlumens and Lockhart the momma’s boy!
  • Snape was the only Death Eater able to produce a patronus – Eric takes issue!
  • Listeners share what they would change about Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Next week we conclude our Fantastic Beasts character discussion with Newt Scamander and a very special guest!

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Running time: 1:06:21, 39.8 MB

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