Episode #375: 13 Years Later

  • Cursed Child is coming to two new cities… San Francisco (2019) and Hamburg, Germany (2020). Could a Midwest location be next?
  • Chamber of Secrets turns 20 years old!
  • We begin our Half-Blood Prince discussion looking back at some popular fan theories
  • Patrons share their midnight release party memories!
  • We discuss how parts of Half-Blood Prince were originally written for Chamber of Secrets and that it was Book 2’s working title
  • The hosts revisit some of MuggleCast’s theories following the release of the sixth book
  • Who is the Half-Blood Prince? Harry? Voldemort? Felix Felicis?
  • We dive deep into The Underground Lake, one of MuggleNet’s notorious series of editorials
  • What did Dumbledore mean by Remember My Last, Petunia?
  • Who will take over the DADA vacancy?
  • Why does Dumbledore trust Snape?
  • Voicemails cover a Deathly Hallows symbol in Goblet of Fire, deluminators, Cho Chang and more!
  • Quizzitch: What two Order members does Harry bump into (in order) in the HBP chapter, “Silver and Opals”?

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  1. Re: San Francisco being a “permanent” home for Cursed Child: San Francisco is at least as good a theater town as Los Angeles, if not better. The only advantage L.A. might have is the TV and film actors (and actor wannabes), but the overall talent in the Bay Area is comparable, and there’s plenty of actors/directors/designers/musicians/producers who make their living doing theater in the Bay Area. (I grew up in the Bay Area, lived in L.A. for almost 20 years, and am now back in the Bay Area, and have worked in professional non-profit theater my entire career).

    1. Being from California I know that SF is the place for theatre here. I’ve seen Annie, Jersey Boys and White Christmas several years back and I’m pretty sure Wicked was also in the city. It is the most logical next location for the west coast. Im happy I might get the chance to change my mind about CC seeing it live.

  2. It’s actually explicitely mentioned in DH that Voldemort does *not* feel when his horcruxes are destroyed.

    To elaborate: In DH when Voldemort discovers that they’re after the horcruxes he asks himself that very question. He comes to the conclusion that he did not feel the diary being destroyed, because he didn’t have a body when it happened. But he doesn’t know about the ring being destroyed (he checks it, but assumes it’s still there). So he can’t feel the destruction, otherwise he’d have known that the ring was gone too

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