Episode #376: Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 1

  • Slug Club member Chris joins the show
  • David Heyman says Grindelwald is scarier than Voldemort!
  • Why is Dumbledore teaching a young Newt Defense Against the Dark Arts?
  • “After all this time,” Chapter-by-Chapter returns!¬†And just in time for HBP’s birthday!
  • We analyze the chapter that had been brewing in JKR’s mind for more than 13 years
  • Would The Other Minister have worked earlier in the series?
  • Where’s Harry? Our first Potter book that doesn’t begin with the boy wizard!
  • Voldemort is on the rise and its clear the tone of the series has shifted
  • Fireplace entrances, shady portraits, secret staff – do wizards have a superiority complex?
  • Should the Ministry have considered lifting the International Statute of Secrecy?
  • Does Fudge ever consider enlisting the help of the Muggle Prime Minister?
  • Do other heads of state have similar relationships with their Muggle counterparts?
  • Rufus Scrimgeour: our thoughts on the new Minister and do we have cause to trust him?
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt “Undercover Secretary”
  • Whatever came of the Ministry’s inquiry into the death of Sirius Black?
  • How much control do magical governments have over their Muggle counterparts?
  • Two new segments debut with Character MVP and Rename The Chapter!
  • Patrons weigh in with their thoughts on the first chapter of Half-Blood Prince!
  • Quizzitch: What is the name of the bridge that gets destroyed by Death Eaters?

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