Episode #377: Sockers (Crimes of Grindelwald trailer discussion!)

  • Andrew and Eric reminisce on their latest trivia night battle, which leaves Andrew and friends with a huge prize.
  • The new Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is here and we go scene-by-scene!
  • There is some mixed reaction to Dumbledore’s DADA lesson with Newt
  • What interests Credence so much about Circus Arcanus?
  • Who is Grindelwald addressing when he says hiding in the shadows serves us no longer?
  • A flying black curtain – is this a new obscurial effect or perhaps a Lethifold?
  • Dumbledore’s deepest desire is not socks – he sees Grindelwald in the Mirror of Erised!
  • Newt, Tina and Leta team up to escape the French Ministry of Magic!
  • The Niffler is back! What’s up with those cats? And is Newt trying to rescue the Oni Oni?
  • Is Leta referring to herself when she tells Newt he never met a monster he couldn’t love?
  • Could Grindelwald be referring to his own failed relationship with Dumbledore when he asks Newt if Dumbledore will mourn for him? Could it be a reference to Ariana?
  • Does Abernathy help Grindelwald escape from prison?
  • What are Newt and Jacob up to in Nicolas Flamel’s home?
  • The hosts react to Johnny Depp’s in-character appearance at Comic-Con
  • Patrons weigh in with their thoughts on the new trailer
  • Quizzitch: On what historic date was the actor who plays Grimmson born?

Download now (1:13:47, 44.3 MB)

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