Episode #379: Baby Micah (HBP Chapter 2, Spinner’s End)

  • … Did that work? Is he listening to this episode?
  • With Micah gone this week, we’re joined by two of our listeners, Alex and Stefanie, who do their best impressions of the NY News Anchor.
  • Patrons in the U.S. have received their mugs, but we need to know if they arrived okay! And if yours arrived broken (rare but possible), let us know: Email eric@staff.mugglenet.com with photos.
  • Eric will be attending LeakyCon and looks forward to appearing on panels and meeting listeners!
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Puffs the Play! Receive a special discount on tickets to see Puffs at New York City’s New World Stages.
  • Chapter by Chapter continues with analysis of Chapter 2 of Half-Blood Prince: Spinner’s End.
  • The brilliance of this chapter is how Snape is playing Bellatrix and Naricissa simultaneously but in different ways.
  • How much does Voldemort know about Dumbledore’s injury? He can’t know about the Horcrux… right?
  • Does one line from Bellatrix help make Delphi’s existence canon?
  • Why would Bellatrix have such a hard time trusting Snape’s word when Voldemort is content with his reasoning? And what should she do if she had ever learned the truth?
  • Who is the MVP of the chapter? Those poor elves…
  • We rename the chapter to reflect what really happens.
  • Crackpot Theory: Has Bellatrix made an unbreakable vow before?
  • Have questions or comments about HBP Chapter 3? E-mail mugglecast@gmail.com, or use the voicemail line or feedback form on our website!

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  1. I hardly think Snape let anything slip when he mentioned Dumbledore’s injury to Bellatrix and Narcissa; Dumbledore being a public figure, everyone is bound to know about it eventually, so surely he and Snape would have come up with a cover story right away.

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