Episode #383: She Existed (HBP Chapter 5, An Excess of Phlegm)

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  • News: Back to Hogwarts featurette, JKR’s old website returns and just when was SS released in the US?
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 5 of Half-Blood Prince
  • We rename the chapter to… the best of our ability: Fleur was entering Harry’s room and existed
  • Harry and Dumbledore arrived to The Burrow sooner than expected. What else did the Headmaster have up his sleeve to pursue Slughorn?
  • What business does Dumbledore have with the Minister?
  • Why is Tonks so visibly upset?
  • Slughorn taught Molly and Arthur. Could there be a Fantastic Beasts cameo in the works?
  • We discuss the themes of security, comedy and xenophobia
  • Harry lets Ron and Hermione in on the fact that he will be having lessons with Dumbledore and the truth about the prophecy
  • OWL mayhem
  • Quizzitch returns! What classic childrens’ game gets a magical upgrade in Chapter 6, Draco’s Detour?

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