Episode #384: Nobody Screams For Ice Cream (HBP Chapter 6, Draco’s Detour)

  • Special guest Kamilah joins the show!
  • A plug for Alanna Bennett’s excellent piece on what a Black Hermione represents
  • Evanna Lynch is Dancing With The Stars! Eric has all of the info.
  • Lethal White hits store shelves on Tuesday!
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Draco’s Detour
  • Our seven word summary makes a little more sense this week: Diagon Alley looks really sad and desolate
  • End of the Innocence: they kidnapped the ice cream guy and the wandmaker!
  • JKR provides some insight on Fortescue‘s intended role
  • Quidditch Captain = preferred bathroom access
  • Why has Molly’s perspective on security changed in one chapter?
  • How is Hagrid a viable security guard?
  • Harry and Narcissa face off in Madam Malkin’s
  • Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes provides some much needed levity in an otherwise dark chapter
  • We’re all impressed by the twins’ level of magic
  • Inside Borgin and Burkes: Vanishing cabinets, necklaces, dark marks and more
  • Why does Hermione take such a uncalculated risk
  • The hosts given their MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapte
  • Quizzitch: Who is in the first train compartment that the trio run into on the Hogwarts Express?

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