Episode #401: Old Testament Dumbledore (HBP Chapter 13, The Secret Riddle)

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  • News covers a Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition release date and a Cursed Child cast change
  • Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Half-Blood Prince Chapter 13, The Secret Riddle
  • 7-Word Summary: Tom is very disturbed by Albus’ presence
  • Exactly what does Dumbledore know about the necklace situation? Is he aware Draco is responsible?
  • How was Harry able to watch Caractacus Burke on the surface of the Pensieve?
  • How do we feel about Dumbledore confunding Ms. Cole and then getting her drunk?
  • Do Hogwarts professors normally make house calls to witches or wizards headed to Hogwarts? Or were Harry and Tom the exceptions because of their situations?
  • When we first meet young Tom Riddle in this memory, is he beyond saving?
  • Why does Dumbledore let Tom believe the lie that his mother couldn’t have been a witch?
  • We realize Dumbledore visits Tom’s orphanage during the Fantastic Beasts timeline! Was he the only one?
  • If Tom hadn’t been left to fester in an orphanage for his first 11 years, would he have turned out differently?
  • Collecting trophies: Dumbledore drops a major Horcrux clue at the end of the chapter!
  • From Harry entering a memory about Tom Riddle to Dumbledore’s auburn hair, we connect the threads to Chapter 13 of Chamber of Secrets: The Very Secret Diary
  • MVP of The Week and Rename The Chapter are back!
  • Quizzitch: At what time is the first Gryffindor quidditch practice without Katie Bell held?

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