Episode #405: Through and Through (HBP 17, A Sluggish Memory)

  • News covers Cursed Child in San Fran, Fantastic Worlds and Crimes of Grindelwald
  • Uh oh! Dan Fogler says Fantastic Beasts 3 is bigger than the first two films combined!
  • Voicemails cover a furry little correction, mother in-laws and unbreakable vows
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Half-Blood Prince Chapter 17, A Sluggish Memory
  • 7-Word Summary: Young wizards can make Horcruxes from murders
  • What is the Fat Lady getting at by making the common room password “abstinence”?
  • Is Hermione too harsh to Ron when she returns, ignoring his existence entirely?
  • Is it time for Hermione to put a little more stock in Harry’s theory about Draco?
  • Harry is Dumbledore’s man through and through. Based on the headmaster’s reaction, is this his final happy moment?
  • Were we surprised by Dumbledore’s reaction to Harry’s story about Snape & Draco? Is it fair for him to tell Harry to just cast his thoughts aside?
  • Is it impressive how advanced Tom Riddle is at this young age? Given his ability to change the memory of his uncle Morfin?
  • Tom’s good looks are noted multiple times in this chapter. Is it a coincidence that both he and Harry are said to look like their fathers?
  • When did Slughorn alter his memory?
  • Why doesn’t Harry ask what Horcruxes are?
  • Connecting The Threads to Chapter 17 of Chamber of Secrets – The Heir of Slytherin
  • The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename of the Chapter
  • Quizzitch: What is the name of the Apparition instructor?
  • In Bonus MuggleCast, we dive deeper into the motley crue that Tom surrounded himself with at Hogwarts. Why didn’t Dumbledore keep a closer eye on them? What other teachers did Tom charm?
  • This week’s episode is brought to you by Care/Of (Visit TakeCareOf.com and use code MuggleCast50 for 50% off!) and Robinhood (Get a free stock at mugglecast.robinhood.com)!

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  1. Oh FFS, Ron has done nothing wrong. He got a girlfriend, that’s it. And if Ron had been the one to ignore Hermione, you all would have been bashing him. But because it’s Hermione ignoring Ron, that’s okay. Because, you know, this fandom has double-standards when it comes to Hermione.

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