Episode #404: Furry Little Problems (HBP 16, A Very Frosty Christmas)

  • What’s up with JKR’s Twitter?
  • Larry Potter gets nixed from the latest LEGO movie
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Half-Blood Prince Chapter 16, A Very Frosty Christmas
  • 7-Word Summary: Rufus tries to convince Harry by persuasion
  • Do the words unbreakable vow finally make Ron a believer?
  • Harry’s Draco argument has been rejected so many times he can hear Hermione’s response to the latest development in his head
  • Arrests for the sake of arrests. Perception vs. reality. We dive deep into the Ministry under Rufus Scrimgeour.
  • Does Lupin’s current state make him more sympathetic to Snape?
  • Lupin may unknowingly provide some hints to the identity of the Half-Blood Prince
  • How is Lupin able to go undercover without other werewolves knowing who he is?
  • Could the Ministry take a page out of Voldemort’s book – playing to the underserved and underrepresented?
  • We discuss how Scrimgeour goes about his conversation with Harry all wrong.
  • Why, why would the Minister use Umbridge’s name to try and strengthen any argument he made?
  • Is it fair Harry takes out all of his frustration towards the Ministry on Scrimgeour?
  • Could Harry and Dumbledore have benefited from working with the Ministry?
  • Connecting the Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename the Chapter
  • Quizzitch: How much does it cost to take Apparition lessons?
  • This week’s episode is brought to you by Away Travel (Get $20 off your suitcase by using promo code MuggleCast) and AMC Shudder (Use promo code MuggleCast for a free 30-day trial)!

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