Episode 44: Jo’s Full of It (The Answers, We Mean)

  • Guess who’s back (everyone down to the dance floor)
  • Micah rips on the Georgian lady who hates Harry
  • Listener Rebuttals respond to Prophecies and Trelawney
  • New names for Micah
  • Some great quotes from Chapter 17 of Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Where do we see foreshadowing of Horcruxes?
  • Matt Vines makes a funny
  • Character Discussion: Percy Weasley
  • Matt makes another funny! Boy, he’s on a roll
  • Will Percy ever make up with the family?
  • Which side is Percy on?
  • The differences between Percy’s and Voldemort’s equal goals
  • Magically doing “it”
  • Spy on Spartz asks, “Why is the world round?”
  • Gimme a Butterbeer speaks out against spoilers
  • Three years ago this week OOTP was released…where were we?

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