Episode 45: Hey, You Snape-ing Horcrux!

  • Listener Rebuttals and Voice Rebuttals
  • We make a PSA about Juvenille Arthritis (learn more here)
  • We go back to answering some book seven questions
  • Horcruxes revisted…where are the 3 unknowns?
  • Pettigrew’s final debt to Harry: giving him a Horcrux?
  • What will become of Draco?
  • What role will the Ministry of Magic play?
  • This week’s Butterbeer discusses the actors and actresses’ privacy
  • Voicemails are back!
  • Does Trelawney remember Snape hearing part of the prophecy?
  • Legilimency and Harry
  • Do we get made fun of for loving Harry Potter?
  • When you extract memories from your mind, is it a copy or does it actually leave your mind?
  • Laura rox our sox
  • Does anyone else besides Voldemort have Horcruxes?
  • This Week in Potter: the HBP title is released
  • Is the title of book seven right under our noses?
  • Andrew is convinced, and he’s got three potential titles.
  • Next week: MuggleCast LIVE!
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul
  • Andrew performs a MuggleCast rap by Nixi with Ben handling the beat

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