Episode #470: Silky Smooth Snape (OOTP 32, Out of the Fire)

  • International football star David Beckham joins actor David Tennant to read the Quidditch chapter of Book One. And now viewing this requires a login?
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  • MuggleMail topics include exams in other countries, the secrecy surrounding the prophecy, and whether Hagrid had a battle assist from Dumbledore (sorry McGonagall!)
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 32: Out of the Fire
  • 7-Word Summary: Umbridge catches heroes using losers for hire
  • Hermione’s point about Sirius and Voldemort is a good one – why doesn’t Harry listen?
  • Why doesn’t the trio think of Snape before they’re caught?
  • The pitfall of Hermione bringing up Harry’s “Saving People Thing”
  • Here *lies* Kreacher, Mwahahahahaha
  • Harry speaks in code as a last resort. Does Snape understand?
  • DEBATE: as Umbridge prepares use an Unforgivable on Harry, the hosts ask. Who is a worse villain? Voldemort or Umbridge?
  • How realistic is Hermione’s plan? What makes Umbridge buy it? And why does she decide to go alone?
  • (Spoilers!) Our Umbridge Suck Count passes 100! (Were you really surprised?)
  • Quizzitch: What spell does Neville use to escape his captors?
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