Episode #472: DUBBLEDORE! (OOTP 35 ‘Beyond the Veil’)

  • News covers the latest chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone with Matthew Lewis and Imelda Staunton. Plus, an update on the Harry Potter RPG!
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 35: Beyond The Veil
  • 7-Word Summary: Sirius falls through the unknown to death
  • Our initial impressions of Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Dreams vs. Reality: Where’s Sirius, and how can you tell what’s a dream and what’s not?
  • What do we make of Harry’s leadership in his first real battle?
  • Why didn’t Voldemort just infiltrate the Ministry himself?
  • Was Dumbledore’s plan to keep Harry out of the loop a good one?
  • “Accio, Prophecy!” – are we being for real now?
  • We reminisce about The Broken Prophecy and the theories that followed
  • The Evolution of Neville Longbottom: Why is this the chapter where he really comes into his own.
  • How talented are the Order? Are they fighting fire with fire against the Death Eaters?
  • DUBBLEDORE! Did we prefer his book or movie entrance?
  • Goodbye, Sirius! We play a couple songs to pay tribute to this beloved character.
  • We give our MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter!
  • Quizzitch: What planet does not survive the battle in the Department of Mysteries?
  • Join our community at Patreon.com/MuggleCast and receive magical benefits, including Bonus MuggleCast! This week we’ll discuss if the Death Eaters do or don’t care that Voldemort is a half-blood.

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