Episode #499: Life As An Adult Harry Potter Fan

  • Welcome to our listener and Patron Julia, whose son Wyatt sent us a great question a few weeks ago.
  • News: As we predicted, a Potter television series is reportedly in the works. And, Fantastic Beasts 3 finishes filming this week!
  • In Bonus MuggleCast, available on our Patron, we’ll discuss when to expect more news and updates about the third Fantastic Beasts movie.
  • Today we discuss the trials and tribulations of being an adult fan of the Harry Potter series!
  • The hosts discuss whether they’ve received backlash for liking Harry Potter as adults.
  • How the New York Times Bestseller List  cleverly sidelined Harry Potter back in the heyday to make room for more “adult” book series
  • Eric discovered a 2003 Telegraph article overflowing with derision for adults who like “kids movies”
  • We discuss the United Kingdom “adult edition” book covers, and ask why Scholastic never did the same thing in the United States.
  • Listeners who got into Harry Potter as adults weigh in over on Twitter!
  • When is the best time to get your child into Harry Potter? Julia gives her thoughts!
  • Troll in the Dungeon: Andrew takes on 3 incredible personas and grills the hosts to defend their love of Harry.
  • Quizzitch: What statue resides next to the Prefect’s Bathroom?

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