Episode #498: Harry Potter’s ‘Midnight Sun’: The Companion Stories We Want Written

  • News: With a new appointment at Warner Brothers, could a Harry Potter television show be in our future? (Note: This episode was recorded before The Hollywood Reporter reported on January 25 that a live-action Harry Potter series is officially in development, but our news discussion still relates to the news)
  • It’s Not Just For Kids! Listeners weigh in on Ollivander’s wand choosing ceremony at the Wizarding World theme park.
  • Main Discussion: Harry Potter Companion Novels. As we continue the 20th anniversary celebration of the Sorcerer’s Stone movie, whose eyes would we want to see the first story through?
  • Twilight and Fifty Shades have taken this approach: have other book series? (MuggleCast interviewed Twilight author Stephenie Meyer back on Episode 156).
  • What would Sorcerer’s Stone look like from Professor Quirrell’s perspective?
  • Would Draco Malfoy and The Boy Who Snubbed Me be a bestseller?
  • Would readers enjoy Severus Snape’s story and his constant struggle to protect the son of his worst enemy?
  • Andrew takes us further into the series looking at Prisoner of Azkaban through Hermione’s eyes.
  • Other characters discussed include: Firenze, Professor McGonagall, Remus Lupin and Hagrid.
  • Why did none of the hosts choose Ron? Dumbledore?
  • Chicken Soup For The MuggleCast Soul (from Greece)
  • Quizzitch: What is Albus Dumbledore‚Äôs favorite flavor of jam?
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