Episode #509: What We’d Change About The Harry Potter Books and Movies

  • Main Discussion: What Would We Change About The Harry Potter Books & Movies?
  • A couple of Mary GrandPre’s book covers should’ve taken a different direction!
  • It’s Philosopher’s Stone, NOT Sorcerer’s Stone! Get with it, America!
  • What’s Buggin’ Micah returns as he Americanizes the other Harry Potter book titles
  • Enough Expelliarmus, Harry! Don’t you know more than one spell?
  • Justice for Slytherin!
  • What in the world was that final fight scene between Harry and Voldemort?
  • Too many directors, not enough consistency!
  • Plainclothes Hogwarts students – this isn’t an Abercrombie & Fitch ad!
  • Why is every major wizard duel made to look like Priori Incantatem?
  • Our patrons weigh in with their book & movie changes!
  • Why does Harry break the Elder Wand? Where is S.P.E.W.? Why does Bellatrix burn down The Burrow?
  • Moody Sirius, Sassy Harry, Tonks & Lupin, Grawp and more!
  • Quizzitch:  What is the British Television series from 2003 which was directed by David Yates, and scored by Nicholas Hooper? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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