Episode #520: The Most Shocking Moments in Fandom History, Part 2: Encyclopedia Flip Flop, More Wizarding Schools, Fantastic Beasts

  • We continue our discussion on the most shocking moments in Harry Potter fandom history, with some stories you’ll remember and others you probably forgot about!
  • In 2012, Micah discovered that JKR had announced she was actively working on a Harry Potter Encyclopedia, but it was quickly retracted once the story got out.
  • In 2013, Rowling was outed as male author Robert Galbraith by a lawyer’s… wife’s… friend… and a British newspaper.
  • Later that same year, only a week after MuggleCast “ended,” the Fantastic Beasts film series was announced!
  • Years later, can we all agree Fantastic Beasts IS a prequel?
  • Dumbledore’s appearance in Crimes of Grindelwald and the casting of Jude Law was a delightful surprise.
  • In 2016, more Wizarding World schools were announced, and controversy may have prevented us from getting more that were promised.
  • The same year, the stage show Cursed Child is announced, and debuts in 2 parts! We revisit the original description of the show, which is very different than the final product.
  • Honorable mentions submitted by our listeners include Ron/Hermione regrets, Rowling on Twitter, and the Wizards Unite game.
  • We also reflect on the actors we’ve lost over the years.
  • To wrap up our discussion, each of the hosts speculates on which crazy “impossible” idea will be the next shocking news story in fandom.
  • Quizzitch: Who portrayed the character of Barry Fairbrother on the BBC series adaptation of the Casual Vacancy? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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