Episode #546: How Will Jacob Remain a Vital Part of ‘Fantastic Beasts’?

With just three months to go until the release of Secrets of Dumbledore, we continue our Fantastic Beasts character discussions with Jacob Kowalski!  The heart of the Fantastic Beasts series is a true, loyal friend and partner. But what does the future hold for him? Slipping on a strudel? Getting lost in Newt’s suitcase? Don’t miss our Top 10 Ways in Which Jacob Kowalski WILL DIE! And next week we explore the loving/semi-toxic relationship between Lily Potter and Severus Snape, so send us your feedback!

  • Welcome Slug Club member, Roshni!
  • Coming this October… the Illustrated Edition of Order of the Phoenix by Jim Kay!
  • Did you buy your Harry Potter eBooks from Pottermore back in the day? Make sure you have your digital copies downloaded! Here’s why
  • Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Jacob Kowalski
  • If you missed our first deep dive on Jacob, check out Episode 319!
  • How does Jacob humanize his fellow wizards?
  • Why introduce a Muggle as one of the core four?
  • Is Jacob the stereotypical fat, funny guy who is the comic relief of the series?
  • What happened to Jacob between the first two films?
  • Did Jacob’s memory return too quickly?
  • If Queenie and Jacob had gotten legitimately married in England and then moved back to America, would she have been put in jail?
  • How does Newt’s character and attitude change when Jacob is around?
  • EVERYTHING is WRONG with Nicolas Flamel
  • What do the hosts make of Jacob’s reaction to Grindelwald’s rally, especially his “another war” line?
  • What does the future look like for Jacob? Will he be a sacrificial lamb? What does he bring to the table that the rest of the team will need in Secrets of Dumbledore?
  • Top 10 Ways in Which Jacob Kowalski WILL DIE
  • Quizzitch: What was the name of Jacob Kowalski’s former fiancee? Submit your answer!
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