Episode #549: Female Friendships and Male Vulnerability in Harry Potter

It’s our annual Valentine’s Day episode and this year we’re switching things up to talk about the female friendships in the Harry Potter series!  So… Happy GALENTINE’s Day! Hermione & Ginny, Ginny & Luna, and Lavender & Parvati are just a few of the pairings we dive deep into! Also, don’t miss our Top 7 Moments Male Characters Were Emotionally Vulnerable! Next week, we’re opening up our Muggle Mail bag, so don’t forget to send us your owls!

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  • It’s Galentine’s Day and we talk about the importance of female friendships in the Harry Potter series!
  • Hermione and Ginny: are they best friends?
  • Why are the two so mean towards Fleur?
  • Sisterhood in Friendship: Ginny and Luna
  • Why did these two characters bond so closely with each other?
  • Support and Compassion: Lavender and Parvati & Tonks and Molly
  • The Top 7 Moments Male Characters Were Emotionally Vulnerable in Harry Potter
  • Harry, Ron, Draco, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Sirius and Dudley all make the list!
  • Quizzitch: In Deathly Hallows, where are the trio camping while Ron leaves?  Submit your answer!
  • Eric and Micah appeared on the most recent episode of SpeakBeasty, talking about the character pairings in the latest Secrets of Dumbledore trailer – check it out!
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