Episode 56: Getting Results

  • Listener Rebuttals talk about last week’s Butterbeer and our Voldemort VS Dumbledore discussion.
  • What’s Buggin’ Micah gets results!
  • Don’t believe it was Micah? Andrew finds a hint Jo dropped.
  • Our main discussion: Why did James give Dumbledore the invisibility cloak?
  • Micah’s getting bugged again… look out!
  • Send in the top 10 items on Dumbledore’s will.
  • Dumbledore/Norris Facts.
  • Voicemails concerning Home-schooling, Lily’s Eyes, and Fawkes.
  • Dating Service update.
  • The winner of last week’s song contest.

Download Now Running time: 1:00:42, 28.1 MB