Episode #595: The Great Potions Heist (Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 11 and 12)

This week Snape demonstrates the famous Disarm Charm to a clearly impressionable Harry. Harry, meanwhile, throws a well-placed firework into Goyle’s cauldron. And it’s pandemonium when Harry is revealed to be a Parselmouth, leading the entire school to suspect him of being Slytherin’s heir (except Dumbledore, who weirdly lets Harry leave without interrogation.) Tons to talk about as the hosts cover chapters 11 and 12 of Chamber of Secrets during Chapter-by-Chapter!

  • News: Eddie Redmayne says he’s not aware of a 4th Fantastic Beasts movie. Is this the end?
  • Main Discussion #1: Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 11: The Dueling Club
  • 7-Word Summary: Students get ready for their dueling club
  • We rank the trio’s plans to break into Snape’s personal potions storage and their successful execution!
  • Would Harry have been less suspected by Snape if he sabotaged a fellow Gryffindor?
  • After being discovered as a Parselmouth, the whole school suspects Harry is opening Slytherin’s chamber. We examine ALL the evidence against Harry and see if we are convinced.
  • When people are petrified, are they conscious or unconscious until they get cured?
  • Main Discussion #2: Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 12: The Polyjuice Potion
  • 7-Word Summary: Draco confirms that he isn’t Slytherin’s baddie
  • Dumbledore lets Harry leave his office without any explanation or follow-up questions. Why?
  • Could Dumbledore have probed Harry’s mind deeper than we realize and gotten all the answers? If so, what did he do with that information?
  • Despite Hermione’s amazing planning, Ron and Harry stumble through their Polyjuice adventure. They don’t even know where the other common room is!
  • Does Harry ever visit Hedwig?
  • We rank Harry’s Christmas presents!!
  • Next week: We dive into Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 13 & 14!
  • Quizzitch: What Spell does Hermione use on T.M. Riddle’s diary?
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