Episode 60: Where Is The Love?

  • Eric enlightens us as to how Dumbledore could be a hairless Demiguise.
  • Sadly, we will not be getting blimps from the Australia Nick Kids’ Choice Awards.
  • Jamie knows his French better than he was given credit for last week.
  • Listener Rebuttals twist our brains with more time talk.
  • Main Discussion: Department of Mysteries finale discussion.
  • Why was the Ministry so easy to infiltrate?
  • Did Ron suffer any long-lasting damage from the attack by the brain?
  • Eric’s brain isn’t worthy to float in the “think tank”.
  • We’re heating it up in the “love room”.
  • Seven doors…?
  • Andrew can’t count.
  • MuggleCast dating service a success! Er… sort of.
  • Laura gives some friendly advice…
  • …while Ben says “dump him.”
  • Debate: Should the ban on underage wizardry be lifted? Andrew & Laura vs. Eric.
  • Attention Jamie fangirls: Blame the Easy Button for the lack of Brit.

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