Episode #608: Is Trelawney Truthful or Trippin’? (POA Chapter 6, Talons and Tea Leaves)

On this week’s episode, get ready to broaden your minds and see past the mundane as we take our first Divination class! And remember to bow and blink while listening to this episode or your may be attacked by a hippogriff! 

  • News covers a new Quidditch video game is coming soon… for consoles! We’ll discuss it in this week’s Bonus MuggleCast, which is available exclusively on our Patreon!
  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 6: Talons and Tea Leaves
  • 7-Word Summary: McGonagall shades Trelawney during Transfiguration class, ooooooo!
  • We meet Professor Trelawney, who we later learn made the prophecy about Voldemort and Harry/Neville.
  • From Neville’s grandmother to Parvati’s stalker to an Easter departure, we keep track of Trelawney’s predictions and see if they come true!
  • Have any of the hosts ever seen a fortune teller or tarot card reader? What did we make of the experience?
  • Do we think Hermione is too quick to judge Trelawney? Does McGonagall influence her opinion?
  • Professor Hagrid… Micah argues Dumbledore set him up for failure from the start!
  • Name Origins: The Grim & Hippogriff
  • Does Harry offer to approach Buckbeak to test the validity of his death omen?
  • Odds & Ends cover paying attention in Transfiguration class (cough, animagi), Hermione’s busy class schedule, Sir Cadogan and more!
  • Quizzitch: What form does Parvati Patil’s Boggart take?
  • Next Week: It’s a MuggleMail bag covering Prisoner of Azkaban and the new Harry Potter TV show announcement
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