Episode #609: Listeners React To The Harry Potter TV Show, and More MuggleMail

This week the hosts dive deep into the MuggleMail bag to bring listeners’ latest thoughts on recent Chapter-By-Chapter segments, as well as the new Harry Potter television series announcement! Voicemails include a 10 year old asking if Harry abuses Hedwig by making her travel so far, and someone has a theory about a Dementor that we all adopt on the spot as canon. Check out this laid back correspondence episode and be blown away by the opinions of our listeners.

  • Main Discussion: It’s a MuggleMail bag episode!
  • Voicemails ask if the WWOHP theme park will adjust itself to accommodate the new TV series, a potential Cursed Child adaptation featuring the original trio, and an HP cartoon.
  • More ideas for the HP TV series abound, with one listener asking how far the creators will stray from the look and feel of Hogwarts and surrounding areas.
  • Will members of the HP movies be brought into new roles as a nod to their original performances? Who do we think would be most likely?
  • One listener fan-casts the HP TV series for an actor from the Sandman series.
  • Could the TV show flesh out the moments when Hermione and Ron learned that they would be attending Hogwarts?
  • An eagle-eyed listener points out the use of the term ‘Azkaban guards’ disappears once we are introduced to Dementors.
  • We hear a tragic story of school bullying where the school covered it up, and comparisons are made to Hogwarts
  • The hosts reveal that double decker buses are not as prominent in the US as in the UK, in response to an email. And, the Sneakoscope was always right when Peter was around.
  • Our latest “Legacy” E-mail from 2006 asks us if we think Draco and Harry will work together to defeat Voldemort. We offer our theories 17 years too late.
  • Quizzitch: What animal causes the death of Lavender Brown’s rabbit?
  • Next Week: We return to Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter By Chapter with Chapter 7, “The Boggart in the Wardrobe”!!
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