Episode #613: More Mead, More Secrets (POA Chapter 10, The Marauder’s Map)

From pranksters to marauders, this week’s chapter by chapter episode of MuggleCast is PACKED with all of our favorite characters and overflowing with plot. Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah for a trip to Hogsmeade where we learn all about Sirius Black and his secret connection to Harry. Also, Professor Lupin reminds us why he’s our favorite teacher.

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  • This week, we read through Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 10, “The Marauder’s Map”!
  • Seven Word Summary: Secrets are divulged via Professors drinking Butterbeer
  • The hosts reflect on Harry’s attachment to his broken Nimbus 2000 and their own attachment to inanimate objects from their youth.
  • Harry’s isolation is hard to watch as with Book Five, but why doesn’t he reach out to Hermione and Ron? And, is Dumbledore to blame for all of it?
  • When Lupin reaches for Harry, should we have intuited more about his relationship to the boy? What about when he drops his briefcase?
  • Just how hard is it to learn the Patronus Charm and why isn’t it more widely taught?
  • Is the Marauder’s Map a dangerous magical item? Are Fred and George reckless for giving it to Harry?
  • How did Fred and George learn to use the map? Did the map itself help?
  • What impressive magic is involved in the function of the map?
  • Secrets are revealed and we wonder how the teachers could have kept this from Harry.
  • Quizzitch: What date is set for the Ministry hearing of Hagrid and Buckbeak?
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