Episode #618: The Eruption of Mt. Hermione (POA Chapter 15, The Quidditch Final)

Our crystal ball told us that we can expect a lot of emotions this week as Chapter by Chapter continues with Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 15, “The Quidditch Final”! Plus, there’s a new Gryffindor-themed playlist to listen to, new social media apps where you can find MuggleCast, and more technical fouls than you can shake a stick at! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah for this guaranteed good time episode.

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  • TikTok star Chanel Williams has graced us with her talents by the record machine. Her new collab with MuggleCast is the Gryffindor Glory playlist! Sure to meet all of your Gryffindor representation needs.
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  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 15: The Quidditch Final
  • 7-Word Summary: Fatigue sets in for Hermione intensely whoa
  • From sleeping in the Common Room, slapping Malfoy and quitting Divination, just what is going on with Hermione?!
  • The hosts examine the consequences of Hermione’s overpacked class schedule.
  • Is Professor Trelawney a bully?
  • A listener e-mail responds to common criticisms of Divination and defends the real-world practices, and we discuss our favorite types to use in real life.
  • We contrast the Quidditch play style of Cho Chang versus this game’s Slytherin players.
  • The age-old house rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin heats up once again. Entire groups must walk with Harry to keep their Seeker safe. Is this overkiil?
  • Lee Jordan is at his peak best, while the whole school apart from Slytherins is cheering for the red team.
  • We contrast the Quidditch play style of Cho Chang versus this game’s Slytherin players.
  • Odds and Ends include Harry’s dreams, Crookshank’s friend and Draco’s name origin.
  • Quizzitch: What is the first line of Professor Trelawney’s PETTIGREW prophecy?
  • Next Week: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 16: Professor Trelawney’s Prediction
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