Episode #619: Unfogging the Fraud (POA Chapter 16, Professor Trelawney’s Prediction)

It’s exam time again! On this week’s episode we are joined by Professor Julian Wamble, PhD. (@ProfW on TikTok), who teaches a college course on Harry Potter and who shares his awesome thoughts on TikTok! The hosts dive in to chapter 16 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, “Professor Trelawney’s Prediction.” We examine Trelawney’s brand of divination and question whether she has ever been right to her knowledge. Is Dumbledore to blame for what kind of teacher she has become? And what is the source of Harry feeling out of it after leaving Hagrid’s hut? All of that and more on episode 619!

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  • Welcome to the show Professor Julian Wample, PhD.!
  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 16: Professor Trelawney’s Prediction
  • 7-Word Summary: Exams consume clairvoyance and shocking revelations, executions
  • Hermione’s exam schedule is the biggest example yet of her secretive methods, why do Ron and Harry not say something?
  • Buckbeak’s appeal looms, but the executioner is coming. Should Ron have spoken his mind to Fudge?
  • Some hosts believe that Hagrid gives Dumbledore WAY too much credit. Should Dumbledore have put a stop to the whole Buckbeak incident?
  • What did Parvati Patil do to impress Trelawney so much? Why does Ron fail but Harry skate by on his?
  • Andrew catches something amazing about the circumstances surrounding both Trelawney predictions.
  • Harry feels “unreal.” Would this have something to do with there being *two* of him, we wonder?
  • Odds and Ends features a particular pair of footsteps…
  • Quizzitch: What spell does Sirius Black use on Harry and Hermione?
  • Next Week: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 16: Professor Trelawney’s Prediction
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