Episode #621: Did Snape Know About the DADA Curse? And More MuggleMail

It’s time to re-open the MuggleMail bag as we prepare to read the closing chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah as they answer questions relating to class schedules, GCSE’s, sports equality, prejudice toward ‘soft’ subjects and more!

  • Happy birthday, Neville and Harry! While we may not be covering those characters today, Episode 523 and Episode 481 both have excellent discussion of Neville and Harry and the prophecy.
  • Speaking of birthdays, MuggleCast is about to turn 18! We will be releasing a special birthday episode on August 7th in conjunction with our Patreon where we release Bonus MuggleCasts twice monthly to patrons.
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  • Main Discussion: MuggleMail returns!
  • How does dropping a Hogwarts class work? Wouldn’t more students beside Hermione have class times that conflict?
  • Was Scabbers / Pettigrew present during the table of 13, and does that doom Dumbledore?
  • A listener draws the comparison between Quidditch broom model discrepancies between teams and professional Boblsleigh racing and Formula One. We love it.
  • Is Divination maligned on purpose in the books, and does the issue largely resolve when Firenze is brought in?
  • Harry’s Helping Horcrux is debated by a listener who thinks it would hinder Harry’s Patronus-making skills.
  • Did Snape know about the DADA job being cursed? Was Professor Lupin searching Filch’s office for the Marauder’s Map?
  • Quizzitch: Who did Snape see Lupin traveling with on the grounds of Hogwarts, toward the Whomping Willow, in the 1970s?
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