Episode #626: Snape’s Best Memory (POA Chapter 21, Hermione’s Secret)

Three turns ought to do it, MuggleCast! This week we plumb the depths of time with Harry and Hermione as Chapter-by-Chapter covers Chapter 21 of Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione’s Secret! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah as they ask the tough questions such as, how is Snape

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  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 21: Hermione’s Secret
  • 7-Word Summary: Hermione saves Buckbeak with a time turner
  • Somebody Call the WAMBULANCE for Snape!
  • We unleash our new “Severus Lie Count” right in the nick of time!
  • Is Snape pointing out the uneven leniency given to Harry helpful or harmful to his cause? He sure knows how to play Fudge.
  • Could Snape actually secretly believe Harry and Hermione’s side of events?
  • Once Hermione busts out the Time-Turner to save the day we must ask: is traveling in time morally correct?
  • What alternatives must there have been to giving Hermione a Time-Turner at age 13?
  • What gives Dumbledore the authority to play God in this situation?
  • What If: The Time-turning sequence all went wrong?
  • We review why Time Turners may have been more hassle for the author than a help, and ask if it was worth it.
  • Quizzitch: At the end of term, who arrives to see Lupin after Harry does?
  • Next week: Chapter 22: Owl Post Again, the FINAL CHAPTER of POA! And two weeks from now, we’ll record a Goblet of Fire movie commentary track!
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