Episode #628: Did the Dursley’s Gifts to Harry Foreshadow ‘Deathly Hallows’? And More MuggleMail

It’s time to reflect on our recent re-read of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah, and Laura as they open the MuggleMail bag once more to tackle an array of voicemails, e-mails and chicken soup submissions following our recent excursion into Book 3’s Chapter-By-Chapter.

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  • Check out Parts 1 and 2 of Belated Binge Podcast‘s “Harry Potter: A History” and “Harry Potter: A Fandom” series with Eric!
  • We begin our Book 3 wrap-up by revisiting our 7 Word Summaries and voting on which one should get a re-do!
  • 7-Word Summary of Book 3: Sirius prevails over Ministry officials and Snape
  • Voicemails include: Is there a connection between the Deathly Hallows and the gifts Harry receives from the Dursleys?
  • Does the prophecy’s existence explain why Snape picks on Neville? Is there another reason why Voldemort doesn’t have hair?
  • Lupin’s werewolf depiction may be referenced elsewhere, and the phases of the moon are more gradual than you may think!
  • A listener writes in about Micah’s criticism of Time-Turning.
  • Why are Lupin’s lesson plans so creature-centric?
  • Is there a reason behind the many strained paternal relationships in HP?
  • Would Veritaserum help crack a Fidelius Charm? And, is being someone’s Godfather a special magical bond?
  • Listeners also point out: McGonagall’s anti-Divination stance goes back to Book One. And, how does Professor Binns grade papers?
  • One 13-year-old listener made her parents detour around Mount Greylock (we 100% support this).
  • Quizzitch: Who found the Riddle family dead?
  • Next week: Goblet of Fire movie commentary!
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