Episode 63: Ketchup Only

  • Jo ranks #5 in top UK fan bases.
  • We don’t endorse the leaking of the trailer online…
  • But feel free to purchase tickets to another movie and sit on the “Happy Feet” previews!
  • Main Discussion: The Forbidden Forest.
  • Is Hagrid the only one who goes in there?
  • Why is it “forbidden”?
  • Did it become this way because of Aragog?
  • Could Voldemort be hiding a Horcrux there?
  • Is Sirius’s bike keeping the Ford Anglia company?
  • What are Aragog’s kids up to?
  • The Dueling Club makes a comeback with Snape vs. Hermione!
  • First Podcast Alley, now… national elections?
  • Listener Challenge: MuggleCast-ify your local McDonald’s.

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