Episode #636: You Are Boot-iful (GOF Chapter 6, The Portkey)

Wake up! It’s time to go stand on a hill until our boot is ready! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah for the latest episode of MuggleCast in which we have a fun Chapter-by-Chapter discussion discussing the pitfalls of magical means of transportation in the Wizarding World. Would we rather use Portkeys or learn to Apparate? Find out during our discussion on Episode 636 of MuggleCast.

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  • Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 6: The Portkey
  • 7-Word Summary: The Quidditch World is excited regarding Voldemort
  • Main Discussion 1: Magical modes of transport for Wizards
  • Does it make sense for folks with cheaper tickets to have to arrive sooner? Isn’t it more likely that the rich could afford staying on site for longer?
  • Which governments are involved here protecting the Statute of Secrecy and are they all working in tandem for the game?
  • Is a Portkey really the best / safest form of transportation? Why not Apparate?
  • Percy is made fun of by the Weasley Twins for Apparating downstairs, but each MuggleCaster comes to his defense separately.
  • We ask: would you rather Apparate or use a Portkey? The hosts make their decisions.
  • Would taking Muggle transport really be so bad in 2023?
  • Main Discussion 2: Amos “Cringe Dad” Diggory
  • We reflect on Amos’ love for his boy and how sad it is reading this chapter knowing how the book ends, but also how awkward this conversation with Amos must be for Harry in the moment.
  • Could Arthur have not gotten better tickets through his Ministry connections?
  • Quizzitch: According to Percy, about how many languages does Mr Crouch speak?
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