Episode #649: No Rest For Cousin Harry (GOF Chapter 19, The Hungarian Horntail) feat. Kierra Lewis

This week it’s into the woods we go as the MuggleCasters read and discuss Chapter 19 of Goblet of Fire, the Hungarian Horntail. And they are joined by someone who is reading the books for the very first time!

  • Welcome to the show, TikTok icon Kierra Lewis! Harry Potter reaction videos from Kierra are reminding us how fun it was to read the Potter series for the first time! (Find her on Instagram and YouTube, too)
  • Kierra tells us what it’s like having hundreds of thousands and people following her reading the Harry Potter books, and how she has successfully avoided spoilers.
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 19: The Hungarian Horntail
  • 7-Word Summary: Karkaroff sneaks around Hogwarts suspiciously one night
  • Hagrid invites Harry to a clandestine meeting in the woods, but it turns out that he’s a third wheel.
  • Harry watches as 8 grown wizards stun a dragon into submission. Is any ONE Triwizard champion in grave danger?
  • Charlie Weasley warns Hagrid that he’s counted the eggs of the dragons. So, he definitely knows his old mentor well!
  • Harry discovers Karkaroff trying to cheat. Is some level of cheating to be expected across all Houses? Does Dumbledore know what the tasks are, and if so, is that fair?
  • Harry finally gets quality time with Sirius, and Sirius is his sounding board for everything that’s been bothering him. Aw.
  • The clues multiply that Karkaroff may be the one who put Harry’s name in the Goblet.
  • Why wouldn’t Sirius be sharing everything he knows about Snape, to Harry here?
  • If Dumbledore knows Karkaroff’s history (he does), and suspects him, would he have suggested a replacement representative from Durmstrang for the tournament?
  • Sirius is just about to tell Harry how to defeat a dragon, when Ron ruins everything.
  • Ron and Harry have their first real confrontation and it breaks all of our hearts (while feeling sort of good).
  • Quizzitch question: What class does Cedric Diggory have next, when Harry catches up with him?
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