Episode #657: Does Goblet of Fire Feel Like a Rushed Book? And more MuggleMail

This week, we revisit the ever-exciting MuggleMail bag and listen to your voicemails on all things Goblet of Fire. The debate about Cedric’s clue to Harry rages on, and listeners have opinions on everything from House-Elf rights to defending Ron Weasley’s youth.

  • Voicemails cover House-Elf evolution, Cedric’s clue, judges at professional sporting events, and Barty Crouch, Sr.
  • The Hungarian Horntail may NOT have been the last addition to the First Task, multiple listeners posit.
  • Quidditch could easily have fit in between the 3 year-long tasks, couldn’t it?
  • One listener defends Ron Weasley’s recent actions on the basis of his youth. Do we let him off the hook?
  • Do Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students have classes with Hogwarts professors?
  • Working backwards from the Portkey, does the plot of Book 4 even work?
  • Do Aurors have the same damage to their souls as Death Eaters if they both kill to survive?
  • Feminism in Harry Potter has some pitfalls from the onset, one listener opines.
  • What did Sirius Black’s family members think upon receiving word of his incarceration?
  • The hosts take turns choosing one wizarding profession that they would have in the Wizarding world.
  • Quizzitch: Where specifically does Moaning Myrtle mention haunting Olive Hornby?
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