Episode 74: Who Will Catch The Bouquet?

  • Live from New Zealand…Eric Scull.
  • We clear up the Albania-Romania-Bulgaria mix-up.
  • Is Ravenclaw’s wand a Horcrux? And was it in Ollivander’s shop?
  • One listener makes us debate the Horcruxes and we ask for your help.
  • Main Discussion: Does Voldemort deserve to die?
  • Should Harry give Voldemort what he fears most?
  • Could Harry even cast the Killing Curse?
  • Would the Death Eaters rally after Voldemort’s downfall?
  • Would killing Voldemort make Harry a martyr?
  • More JKR Quotes: Umbridge, Snape, Lily and graveyards.
  • We analyze Jo’s dream…again.
  • Does Harry’s blood make Voldemort continuously weaker?
  • Is Voldemort in debt to Harry?
  • Will Voldemort die himself if he kills Harry?
  • Crackpot Theory: Filch The Spy.
  • PO Box Update.

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