Episode 75: Harry Chest

  • Laura offers her thoughts on the release date.
  • We examine some things Jo said in her Diary we should have paid more attention to.
  • Did Jason Isaacs know the truth all along?
  • Just why was Jo writing at a hotel?
  • The debate continues on who decides the release date.
  • We’re all expecting to hear from Jo in the near future.
  • Reactions from fans to the release date.
  • What will the cover of the book look like?
  • Equus pictures discussion: Eric labels Dan “Harry Chest”
  • Did we all miss an important line in Goblet of Fire?
  • Chris from Georgia clears up the debate over Voldemort’s soul.
  • Hufflepuff’s Cup…in Arthur’s shed?
  • What will be Jo’s involvement with the fandom after Book 7?
  • Could Dudley be the character to exhibit magic late in life?
  • Why couldn’t Harry just shoot Voldemort?
  • Would any of the Death Eaters step forward to lead after Voldemort falls?
  • We apologize for the Australia-New Zealand mix-up.
  • Top 10-15 DH Contest theories to be played on next week’s show.
  • A very special Chicken Soup from Iraq.

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