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MuggleCast 75 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Intro music plays]

Andrew: Because, heck, we finally have a date, this is MuggleCast Episode 75 for February 3rd, 2007.

[Music continues to play]

Eric: So, guys, I was thinking – I know we need to save a lot of space on MuggleNet, on the website for all of the ads to go, so I figured out something that I thought was pretty cool.

Andrew: Yeah?

Eric: Yeah. Instead of needing two countdowns – one for the Order of the Phoenix film, and one for the book – simply add seven days to the time that it says…

[Laura laughs]

Eric: …for Order of the Phoenix, to the counter. And do mental math…

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: …which will wake you up [snap fingers], and I want you to read Harry Potter news, and you’ve got the – for the release date.

Laura: Wow. Seven days.

Eric: Yes.

Laura: Isn’t that ironic?

Eric: Just add seven days, and our counter is completely accurate for…

Mikey: It’s completely accurate to the second…

Kevin: Yeah.

Mikey: …too. It’s amazing.

Eric: To the second, for Deathly Hallows, and we didn’t even put up a Deathly Hallows countdown.

Andrew: Great idea. What if we added afterwards those blank amount of days, and then in parenthesis we put, [whispers] “Add seven to get the Deathly Hallows release date.”

Kevin: We should.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Yeah, you should.

Andrew: Or just, “Plus seven for DH,” or something like that. [laughs]

Kevin: “Plus seven for HP 7.”

Eric: Underneath, where it says Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, July 13th, just say “Add seven days for…”

Kevin: HP 7.

Eric: “…Deathly Hallows.”

Andrew: I’m going to look into that. For…

Eric: Yeah, do that.

Andrew: A new countdown is being worked on, that has both of the dates being counted down on one thing. It’s going to be pretty cool. But, anyway, welcome everyone to Episode 75 of MuggleCast. We had a couple of things planned for this week’s show. We had a character discussion on Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris, and we were planning on doing more J.K. Rowling quotes about Book 7. However, a little release date came out the other day, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about for the main focus of the show. And we’ve got voicemails, and we’ve got a lot of other good stuff. Right, everyone?

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah.

Laura: Looks like it to me.

Andrew: Laura, I cannot wait for your thoughts on the release date.

Laura: I’m sure you can’t.

Andrew: But wait, wait. Wait.

Kevin: Teaser.

Laura: Okay.

Andrew: Just wait. First we’ve go to do Micah’s news. Oh, actually, but before that, I’m Andrew Sims.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Eric: I’m Eric Scull.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Mikey: And I’m Mikey Bouchereau.

[Intro music continues]


Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum is standing by in the MuggleCast News Center with the past week’s top Harry Potter news stories. Micah!

Micah: Thanks, Andrew. The big news, of course this week, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released on July 21st, 2007. The hardcover edition will sell for $34.99 with the deluxe edition going $65.00. These high prices could mean the book will be longer than any of the previous six. And just a few hours after the release date was announced, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows held the top spot on both the Amazon and Barnes and Noble bestseller lists.

But just when did Rowling finish the final Potter book? Well, according to The Sun, JK Rowling wrote the following message on a marble bust at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. It said, “J.K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room (652) on 11th Jan 2007.”

The BBC later reported that they could confirm JK Rowling did write some of the book at the Balmoral last month, and did complete the book at that hotel.

New details have recently emerged surrounding the message Jo scrawled on the marble bust. The hotel has said that it has no immediate plans to turn the room into a “tourist shrine,” and rather interestingly, the bust is believed to be of the Greek god Hermes.

Waterstone’s has announced plans to set up a special helpline for fans after Deathly Hallows comes out this summer. Jo revealed in June that two more characters would die (who she hadn’t intended on dying), and the UK book chain says “this could be a similar moment to when Take That split up – there could be a lot of upset teenagers out there. We are looking to set up a helpline for them.”

Of course, the other big news this week, photos promoting the upcoming production of Equus in London’s West End were released. They showed a distinctly different side of Daniel Radcliffe (who plays the lead role), and were received with surprise by some. However, Dan says he’s fine about playing the part naked.

Dan said, “Equus is an iconic play. The nude scene is part of it. I can’t do it with my pants on. That would be rubbish.”

Over in movie news, Jason Isaacs, the Lucius Malfoy actor, made a recent appearance on Richard & Judy where he discussed some of his current acting projects, and a little about Potter.

He said, “I’m waiting to see if I’ll be in the seventh book with baited breath. I go to prison all the way through [Book] 6, so number 7, obviously I’m desperate to find out if I get out. I actually met J.K. Rowling at an awards ceremony and I went over and said ‘I’m begging you’ [and she laughed].”

Emma Watson has made Sweet 16 Magazine‘s list of the “16 Sweetest Stars 16 and Under.” The list honors talented young celebrities who have avoided the Hollywood party scene and are great role models.

Finally, according to the New York Times, Yahoo! recently announced that Harry Potter will be the topic of one of their 100 new websites related to the top entertainment brands this year. The project, called “Brand Universe,” will provide users with a wider array of information about the most popular toys, books, movies, television shows, and games.

That’s all the news for this February 3rd, 2007 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: Alright, thank you, Micah.

Micah: Thank you, Andrew.


Andrew: You know, it’s funny – for the good past couple of weeks it’s been a slow news period, but then in the beginning of the week we had some raunchy pictures of Dan Radcliffe…

[Micah laughs]

Laura: Oh, boy.

Andrew: And then release date came out and it was a huge – it was a big week for the fangirls, to say the least. [laughs]

Eric: They’re not fangirls, Andrew…

Micah: Well, Laura…

Eric: … they’re human beings…

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: No, Eric, you don’t respond to the fangirls. Laura?

Laura: I’m not a fangirl! I am not a fangirl…

Kevin: Laura didn’t even know that the release date was announced until this podcast. She…

Laura: Oh, yeah. [laughs]

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: She was just viewing those pictures…

Laura: That’s how uninformed I am.

Kevin: She just couldn’t get her eyes off the pictures.

Laura: Yeah.

[Laura, Andrew and Eric laugh]

Laura: No, in all honesty…

Andrew: She looked at the Google document.

Laura: Hush!

Andrew: What?

Laura: In all honesty, I am not a Dan Radcliffe fangirl, but I will say that I think it’s very brave, what he’s doing, because he’s trying to break out of a typecast role of always being Harry Potter. And I think it’s really cool that he’s willing to go to such lengths as taking off his clothes to do that. So, props, Dan.

Andrew: Ummm…

Eric: Yeah, he’s no longer…

Andrew: I wanted to talk about that for a second. Do you guys think it’s going to work?

Eric: It shows he’s no longer Harry Potter, he’s now Harry Chest.

Andrew: Oh.

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: You’ve been working on that one, haven’t you?

Andrew: You have.

Eric: No, I just thought of it, now. It’s actually Harry Armpits – I need to see the pics again.

[Andrew, Kevin and Mikey continue to laugh]

Eric: What should I say? What do you guys…

Andrew: That’s a good one.

Eric: Harry Armpits? What should I say?

Andrew: That’s good – no, Harry Chest.

Eric: Harry Chest.

Andrew: Let’s keep it Harry Chest.

Eric: All right.

Andrew: [clears throat] That’s good, Eric. I don’t know, I really don’t think – I thought you were going to be serious and say, “He’s not going to be known just as Harry Potter, now, he’s going to be known as that Harry Potter kid who also fell in love with a horse.”

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Andrew: I mean, honestly, isn’t that what he’s going to be seen as, now?

Kevin: I don’t think so.

Laura: Ummm…

Eric: I don’t know.

Laura: I don’t think so.

Kevin: The one thing that irks me about it is that they’re using him to advertise the play exclusively. Like…

Andrew: Because he’s the main character.

Kevin: That’s a draw – exactly, but it’s a draw…

Eric: Well, he is the main character.

Kevin: …of all the people going to that play, “Hey, Dan Radcliffe! Naked!” You know? You know?

Andrew: [laughs] Right, right.

Kevin: The main headline. Let’s make sure…

Laura: [laughs] Well, if it draws people…

Kevin: Yeah, but…

Laura: Isn’t that why you’re going, Andrew?

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Uhhh…

Kevin: Let’s not talk about that.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I wasn’t planning on telling anyone…

[Laura continues to laugh]

Andrew: … but now that you bring it up…

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: No, I’m kidding. Actually…

Eric: Do you know who the girl is, actually?

Andrew: [stutters] No, we have no idea.

Eric: Ah.

Andrew: She’s like a mystery girl.

Eric: We’ll have to find out.

Andrew: Not like anyone cares about her, anyway.

Kevin: Exactly, that’s what I’m saying. No one cares about any of the other characters. It’s sort of sad.

Eric: What I’m saying – no, who cares if they go and see Dan Radcliffe naked, because they might end up being enlightened by something in the plot…

Kevin: That’s true. Yeah, I could see…

Eric: …or story.

Andrew: Mhm.

Eric: I mean, you might end up liking it, and…

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Whereas before you would have been turned away from the play. It’s just the magnetism of seeing Dan Radcliffe naked.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Ummm, yeah. So, I mean, we don’t really want to spend too much time on that today. But Jamie, myself and a friend of ours will be going to see the play in mid-March, and then we’ll have a little discussion about it on the show, and probably file a report on the website. So, look forward to that, all you Dan Radcliffe fangirls.

Laura: Exclusive pictures.


Andrew: Uhhh, in – yeah. In other news…

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Andrew: …before we get to the big release date discussion, I wanted to get through a few MuggleCast related announcements first. First and foremost, MuggleCast will be at Enlightening 2007, which will be July 12th to the 15th at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Ben, Jamie, Micah…

Kevin: God.

Andrew: …and I will all be there. We’re going to be doing a live podcast on the day of the film’s release, and also doing a seminar-workshop, sort of thing, on podcasting. How to create your own podcast. We’re going to show you how we do MuggleCast on a week-to-week basis, so it’s going to be a lot of fun, and for more information please visit and we hope to see as many people as possible there. Also…

Eric: You guys are going to be in Philadelphia. Ugh! That’s like where I lived, man. That’s like…

Andrew: I know! Well, that’s – we didn’t…

[Eric sighs]

Andrew: We didn’t – you know.

Eric: Where do I live now, Andrew?

Micah: [over Eric] No, Eric, it’s not where you live.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: No, where I lived.

Andrew: You live in New Zealand now.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: We planned it out this way, Eric.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Kevin: Once you went to New Zealand…

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: …we, you know…

Andrew: Right.

Eric: I’ve been to Andrew’s house once.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: That’s why we signed up.


Andrew: Yeah. And plus, we did need a co-host from Australia. Oh – wait.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: Oh, wait. Oh, wait.

Laura: Someone needs a geography…

Eric: That’s why I said that…

Laura: …lesson.

Eric: …whole thing. Because it leads into this.

Andrew: So, who wants to clear this up? Eric or Micah?

Micah: I’ll clear it up.

Andrew: I mean, basically Micah…

Laura: Who said it? [laughs]

Kevin: Ugh.

Micah: I said it.

Andrew: Micah.

Kevin: Micah said it.

Micah: I said it on last week’s show.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Go ahead.

Micah: But I think more the point that we were trying to making was that there is at least somebody in that general area…

Andrew: Well, first explain what happened.

Micah: What? Oh.

Eric: Well, there were…

Micah: Well, last week on the show…

[Kevin laughs]

Micah: …I made the mistake of saying – because somebody asked in an e-mail, “Why don’t we have somebody from Australia who podcasts on the show?” Because we have people from the US, we have people from England – and what ended up happening was I said, “Oh, well, now we do have somebody from Australia. We have Eric.” But he is in New Zealand, he’s not in Australia, which is an entirely different country. So…

Eric: And these…

Micah: I did get e-mail…

[Eric sighs]

Micah: I do apologize.

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: These indignant fans…

Andrew: [laughs] I know.

Eric: …from Australia, saying, “No! New Zealand is different from us. We’re completely…”

Micah: Well, it was both. It was both. It wasn’t just from Australia…

Eric: Oh.

Micah: It was from New Zealand, too.

Eric: Oh, really?

Micah: Both fans sent in stuff, yeah.

Andrew: So…

Micah: Some were not very nice, I will add.

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, guys, if you’re going to be mean to us, be mean to us in a nice way.

[Laura laughs]

Micah: Yeah. Just write in and say, “Hey, you know, you made a mistake. Mention it on the next show.”

Eric: No, but general area speaking, it really worked out, I think, well for anybody in Australia who wanted some kind of representation. Because New Zealand isn’t that far away. It’s a lot closer than anything else is to Australia, except maybe – well, the Gold Coast region, yeah. The Pacific, it’s a – I believe it’s a three hour flight, as opposed to a 15 hour flight, 13 hour flight to the US.

Andrew: Hmmm.

Eric: So, it’s practically right there…

[Andrew clears throat]

Eric: And it was pretty close. I mean, I don’t mind, personally, but I guess it’s obviously something different for somebody who is living in Australia to be confused with New Zealand, or New Zealand with Australia.

Announcements Wrap Up

Andrew: And also the Deathly Hallows theory contest is now closed. We are going to go through all of your submissions. Hopefully we got tons of them, and we’re going to pick our favorite ten to 15, and then play them on Episode 76. At which point there will be a poll on where you can vote for your favorite theory, and then the top three winners will receive a piece of Jamie’s suitcase and also a t-shirt, a MuggleNet book, a variety of different items. For full details, you can visit

And, finally, as it is a new month, we want to remind everyone to vote for us at We kicked Potter booty – podcast booty last month, actually. In January, we were number one pretty much the entire month, and by a long shot. Keith and The Girl were a distant second. So, thanks to everyone who voted, and we hope everyone votes again. We like staying up top there because it helps spread the word about the show. Now [laughs]

Main Discussion: Release Date

Andrew: Now, moving along to our main discussion this week. Of course, the release date of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, July 21st, 2007. We did a mini – MuggleMiniCast earlier this week, a few days ago, the night that the release date was announced. Laura, you were not here.

Laura: No, sadly.

Andrew: So, I want to hear your thoughts, first.

Laura: Yeah. You know, what’s really strange about that is, the night before it was released, I was kind of laying in bed and I’m thinking, “When are we going to find out when the book is coming out? Because, you know, if it’s going to be 2007, they’re going to have to announce it soon.” And I was kind of imagining what the release would be like. And I wake up around 9:30 the next morning, and I come over to the computer and I have an IM from one of my friends, and it simply said, “07-21-07.” And I knew right then and I was like, “Oh, my gosh…!”

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: “…that is the release date!”

[Kevin laughs]

Laura: And my heart started beating really, really, really fast, and I got all excited, and I went and looked at her site and MuggleNet, and it was just a really, really exciting moment because I wasn’t expecting it. I was actually kind of shocked. And aside from the marketing – which I think is going to be kind of interesting, in the least – I’m really, really excited for it to come out, and I don’t regret that that is when it’s coming out. I know a lot of people are really upset about it, but I don’t see why. I’m excited.

Andrew: Yeah. By the way, I actually found out in a strange way. I was in school – I was in TV Tech Studio, and I get a text message from someone in the 806 area code saying, “Deathly Hallows will be out July 21st.” And I thought this was – I was expecting this to be another rumor or something, some girl was bored and decided to try and, I don’t know, make me think that. But just to check I went on and, sure enough, there it was. And so, who – by the way, I just wanted to say, whoever was in the 806 area code, thank you for sending me a text message that it was out…

[Andrew, Kevin and Laura laugh]

Andrew: …because otherwise I probably never would have known.

[Kevin laughs]

Balmoral Hotel and Diary Analysis

Andrew: Well, until later that day of course, so. All right, so, something that we did find out on Friday was that Jo had completed the book on January 11th at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland. And I wanted to talk about this for a little bit, because there was a few interesting things going on here. First of all, this was – you guys might remember that on December 19th she posted a blog update on her site. She said, “I’m now writing scenes that have been planned, in some cases, for a dozen years or even more. I don’t think anyone who has not been in a similar situation can possibly know how this feels: I am [Andrew stumbles over word] alternately elated and overwrought. I both want, and don’t want, to finish this book (don’t worry, I will).” Is it interesting to you guys that just a mere month later – under a month later – she would be finishing the book?

Eric: Andrew, I think this news that we keep getting just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Because now we found out that she was done over three weeks ago, like you said, just a month after she wrote that.

Andrew: Does it seem to you guys – did this show any signs of the book being practically completed?

Laura: No! That’s what is really getting me.

Kevin: No, not at all. Yeah…

Laura: I was under the impression that she still had a ways to go.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I thought it was like 80 percent done, and she was going back and fixing the scenes that she had been planning, but I didn’t realize it was this close.

Eric: Yeah…

Andrew: Right.

Eric: If I…

Mikey: So…

Eric: Once I…

Mikey: …you know?

Eric: When I read that, I read it and I said, “Okay, so about, I guess about five or six more months.” Writing time, is what I…

Andrew: [incredulously] You thought five to six more months?

Eric: Yeah, that’s what I was – no, you got to understand…

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: …I was waiting for a 2008 release. I said, “Okay, well she’s writing…” I would’ve guessed – Mikey used the great thing of 80 percent. I’m just going to say I thought she was about 60 percent complete with the book, and then she was writing some of the old things which would take her up to about 80, and then she could finish.

Andrew: Mhm.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, I think, Andrew, you mentioned it on the MiniCast. Do you think it’s possible that she had large pieces done that…

Andrew: Well, the final chapter has been written for a while now.

Kevin: Well, she said that, but do you think that more pieces were done besides that?

Andrew: Well…

Kevin: Because it seems as though it was so – such a dramatic change from, you know, “I’m working on the book,” to “Oh, by the way, it’s done.”

Andrew: Right, it’s all been boiling up in her head. I think the first sentence of that is the most interesting. “I’m now writing scenes that had been planned, in some cases, for a dozen years or even more,” which says to me, now looking back, that she was probably working on the final scenes.

Micah: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Micah: Now, I agree with that.

Andrew: So, she was wrapping up the book.

Kevin: Yeah. That’s true, yeah.

Andrew: And did we not mention that when we discussed this on, on that episode of MuggleCast, following this blog update? I guess not.

Micah: Probably not.

Eric: I’m pretty sure we did…

Kevin: Yeah, I guess not. Yeah.

Eric: …but we all didn’t take it like this, that it would be…

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: …you know?

Micah: Well, yeah, because if you look at it, most of us probably saw “scenes” and figured, “Okay, well she still has chapters that she has to write.”

Eric: Right.

Micah: But scenes could literally be within the chapter. She might have been writing…

Laura: Yeah.

Micah: …the final chapter.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Yeah, or updating it.

Andrew: And if she says, “I both want and don’t want to finish this book,” if you don’t want to finish this book, but you only have three more weeks of writing left, it seems a little strange, but, you know, we’re not calling her out. I’m just saying that…

Laura: Well, I don’t think so, because, I mean, at that point, she was so close. I can understand why she would be, you know, not wanting to finish, because it’s like, you know, whereas it’s over for us in July, it’s over for her now. [laughs]

Andrew: It’s over now. [laughs] Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: So, I can understand, you know, feeling a little bit upset as she’s getting close. I mean, this has been her life for the past ten years.

Dream Recall

Andrew: Yeah. Now, Laura, the dream thing, I wanted to talk about, because you actually called this on the December 22nd episode of MuggleCast. [burps] Excuse me. We were talking about the dreams, and what it meant in terms of how close she was to writing Book 7, and my arrogant self thought that I had called…

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: …that since she was having this dream, she must be close to finishing, so I went back and listened so I could brag and boast about it, but it was actually you who said it.

Laura: Well, wow.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: I…

Andrew: No, well, what I’m saying is – what I’m saying is, good work.

Laura: Oh, well, thank you. I guess I didn’t fail Divination.

Andrew: [laughs] No, but it’s interesting, and it does make sense.

Laura: It is interesting, and it does.

Andrew: If you’re having a dream about it now, it’s over now, so you’re bound to be thinking about it. It’s been – it’s almost over, so…good call, good call back four weeks ago.

Laura: Well, thank you.

Did Jason Isaacs Know?

Andrew: Another thing. We were making fun of Eric for this last week. The article, the interview with Jason Isaacs, where he says that he hears Jason Isaacs is going to be killed. But also, in that interview, he says, and I quote, “I fell to my knees and begged to Jo,” he’s talking about talking to Jo, “It didn’t do any good. I’m sure she doesn’t need plot ideas from me, but I made my point. We’ll see. Like everybody else, I’m holding my breath to July to see what’s in there. I just want to bust out of prison, that’s all. I don’t want to stay in Azkaban most of my life.” Did Jason know? Did…

Eric: Well…

Andrew: Is there a chance that Jo said July?

Mikey: Well, didn’t a few people say July, like, publicly, that they have to wait until July? So…

Andrew: Yeah. There was at least one other person who had heard from Jo that it was going to be July, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Jason Isaacs was like, “So, come on, come on, just tell me. When is it coming out?” And – or maybe he might have said this summer and Jo would have been like, “Sometime in July,” because she was aiming for a summer release date and all that. Two weeks ago on the show, when we talked about – there was a quote where she said that, in the Emerson and Melissa interview, that she would be releasing the book, one to – about two years after Book 5, right?

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, she said that’s the typical timeframe, so it all makes sense.

More Release Date Discussion

Eric: This is kind of like reality setting in, and not only is it the latest book, but I did feel that this is too soon, and I don’t know why, I can’t really explain that, and I guess, you know, Micah and other people feel that 2008 was way too long, but I just wasn’t ready and I don’t think…

Laura: Well, I mean…

Eric: I still think it’s way too early, especially for…

Laura: Here’s the thing. I mean, if you go back and listen to, you know, episodes, you know, from around the time when we went and saw Jo at Radio City Music Hall, I was completely of the belief that we were going to have a 2008 book, because it just didn’t…

Andrew: We had a huge debate on that, too.

Laura: Yeah. It just didn’t seem like she was even remotely close to having it done, you know, so that it could come out this summer, but when we got the title in December, I started thinking it probably will be 2007. However, I didn’t really think it would be July. I was thinking more like August, a little later in the summer.

Andrew: Yeah. Jumping back to what Eric was saying, I think some people might have gotten their hopes up a little too much of waiting past summer 2007 because, Eric, from what I’ve gathered from you, you’re just upset because you really had your hopes up for 2008. Give it a long time, give Jo plenty of time to write it and perfect it.

Eric: It wasn’t even a long time. It’s just that I feel that this time was kind of too short. I mean, I’m trying to change my opinion, I’m trying to look into a perspective and say, “Okay, every episode of MuggleCast that has ever come out, has come out since Half-Blood Prince was out,” and that, you know, that’s when we basically started, about a month later than that. So, if you look at – I guess it has been a long time, but it still feels – it just still feels so short. And I don’t know exactly why I feel that way, but it just – I really feel that it was – it depends on how long the book is, too. We still don’t know that. I would really like to hear that, particularly, especially from Jo, how long the book will be, but it’s just – you know, it’s the seventh book. As you had said, I was under the – I was willing to give her as much time as she needed with it, and to find out that she just finished it three weeks ago, and then, you know, is just…

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: …a little disconcerting, I think.

Back to the Balmoral

Andrew: Back on to the Balmoral Hotel story, where Jo had finished writing Book 7 on January 11th. This news broke on – in the UK tabloid, The Sun, and at first, nobody really believed it, because there was a picture of a marble bust – it was a close-up of the marble bust, where Jo signs, “JK Rowling,” oh, what’s the exact wording?

Eric: “J.K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room (652) on 11th of January 2007.”

Andrew: And when you look at this picture, I could almost swear that it looks like the – her signature is actually like, Photoshopped in, because it looks, I don’t know, it just looks to me that it’s a little, like, darker than the rest of the writing. But, I think this is Jo…

Eric: Maybe her pen was dying.

Andrew: I think this is Jo being personable with this whole situation, because first of all, first question: why was she writing in a hotel?

Eric: I guess she was traveling.

Mikey: Privacy, maybe? You know, away from everyone, focus on it?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Mhm.

Eric: Doesn’t she have any marble busts at her mansion that she can write on and graffiti?

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: I’m pretty sure this is criminal in the slightest way.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Nobody’s going to take her into jail or anything.

Laura: That’s what I wondered.

Mikey: But, think about it. Like, wouldn’t you want to go to that hotel and stay in that room? Especially if…

Andrew: Well, right.

Mikey: …the bust is there.

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Mikey: “I want to stay in that room, where Jo finished writing, you know, Deathly Hallows.”

Eric: Exactly.

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: So…

Eric: People are now going to go there to the concierge to request Room 652. There will be a nine-month waiting list, if you want to stay in that room.

Andrew: Oh, I wouldn’t – ah, please, I wouldn’t even do that. I would just…

Laura: I do. [laughs]

Andrew: I would just wait for the maid to open the door and go in, and be like, “Excuse me, I stayed here last night. I left my – something in here. Can I…”

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Well, I think they’ll replace the bust, but…

Andrew: Yeah, I was going to say…

Eric: …the room will stay there.

Andrew: Well, I don’t think they’ll – they’ll take it out, because obviously someone would [laughs] steal that.

Kevin: Yeah, steal it, without a doubt.

Andrew: I think that they’ll put it, like, in the lobby or something. You know, some glass case.

Kevin: Under a glass frame, yeah. Security.

Andrew: Because that is something to be proud of, and to the hotel management, it might not seem as big of a deal if they’re not really Harry Potter fans, but that’s a big thing.

Eric: Well, J.K.R. must have been proud, because, I mean, you’re sitting there, you’re writing the last book of your career, and you jump up and say, “I’m done! I think I’m going to write on that marble bust with a…”

Andrew: No.

Eric: “…with a felt. I…”

Andrew: You know what I want?

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: Did you just say “last book of her career?”

Eric: You know?

Andrew: I totally want the “Do Not Disturb” sign that was hanging on that doorknob.

[Mikey laughs]

Laura: That would be cool.

Andrew: Wouldn’t that be awesome? [laughs]

Kevin: It would be cool, yeah.

Eric: Oh. Well, you know, that’s the other thing, too.

Laura: We should go steal it.

Eric: Why did the – I wonder why the news only broke now, because if she wrote that on the eleventh of June…

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Depending on how long she stayed, you know, the maid would have come in there, maybe twelfth of June and…

Andrew: Exactly.

Eric: the thirteenth – January, sorry – the thirteenth of January.

Andrew: That’s why I didn’t believe the The Sun article, because I was like, “Oh, they’re just doing this for some quick press now that the title’s out – the release date’s out.” of course this is all going to be happening.

Kevin: Now, do you think she told the hotel? Is it possible that they removed the bust after she did it?

Andrew: Well there’s a quote here that I found in a Associated Press article: “The hotel says it does no encourage guests to write on hotel property, but Rowling is a special case,” and then they quote hotel spokeswoman Jessica Trotter: “Obviously this is quite a unique case. We’re honored and flattered she chose the Balmoral as surroundings to do her writing,” so I don’t think they’re going to be charging her or anything.

Eric: She’s J.K.R, she can graffiti anywhere, and…

Andrew: Eric, you keep calling it graffiti, but it’s not like she had a spray can and she was, like, doing some ghetto writing.

Kevin: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Gangsta Jo.

Mikey: Jo with a spray can and bandanna under the freeway.

Eric: Well, obviously – no, obviously, Andrew, she’s going to have a lot more free time on her hands now; I just wonder if she’ll take up this newfound talent of hers. I just – you know, I don’t know.

Andrew: Maybe after all that time of having the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the Room of Requirement on her official site, she wanted to use an actual “Do Not Disturb” sign for a good reason.

[Kevin laughs]

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: There you go. But, prices for that hotel – the Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh…

Eric: …have just tripled.

Andrew: A good 1,300 – well, not just that, but the most expensive rooms are a good 1,300 pounds a night. Out of interest.

Mikey: Wow.

Laura: Wow.

Andrew: Of course Jo can afford it, but what I’m saying is it’s no shabby hotel.

Eric: It’s no Howard Johnson’s.

Andrew: In other news, that’s where Jamie and I will be staying while we’re in England.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Right.

Andrew: Well, it’s in Scotland, so I guess that’s a bit of a problem.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: But it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s going to be a stop on all those Harry Potter fan trips.

Eric: Harry Potter fan trips, yeah.

Who Decides the Release Date?

Andrew: Yeah. All right, so here’s something we were going to start talking about, but stopped, because we didn’t want the MuggleMiniCast to not be a MuggleMiniCast. Who is it that decides the release date? Is it Jo, or is it Scholastic and Bloomsbury? I’m confused by this whole fiscal year thing. Kevin, please explain it.

Kevin: I myself would guess that Jo tells them that she’s completed the book, and then they come up with the date that they think would be best, and tell her about it, and ask if she thinks it would be all right. I think it’s sort of like…

Mikey: It’s a give-and-take. It’s a give and take between the two, I think.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, I think they collaborate on it.

Kevin: Yeah, sort of like, you know… Yeah, definitely. I don’t see Scholastic or Bloomsbury being the sole person who decides – being the sole company that decides, “Hey, this is going to be the release date, and J.K. Rowling has no say over it.” I have a feeling that there…

Laura: Yeah, which – it’s pretty rare, because authors don’t really get to say, “I want my book to come out on this day”, so, she’s definitely a rare case.

Kevin: Right.

Andrew: We have a lot of younger listeners, myself included. Kevin, can you explain what a fiscal year is? There’s four quarters in a fiscal year.

[Micah and Laura laugh]

Kevin: [sighs] Right, okay. A fiscal year…

Andrew: That’s all I know.

Kevin: …is basically the accounting year. What happens is in accounting, you have dates that you start the year and dates that you end the year, and they’re not necessarily on New Year’s Day because obviously, everyone’s off. So what happens is, certain companies have different start and end dates to their accounting year, where they have to report their quarterly earnings or yearly earnings and, based on that, investors and all sorts of board members and stuff like that make judgments on the company, and where it’s going, so it’s essentially, it’s just sort of like a financial year.

Micah: So basically, Bloomsbury and Scholastic’s third quarter earnings are going to extremely high.

Andrew: Right. Right.

Kevin: Yes, correct. They’re going to be through the roof, and when I said their fiscal year is going to be huge, it’s because the book is going to be released in that fiscal year.

Micah: Buy stock now.

Andrew. Yeah. [laughs]

Kevin: Yeah, no kidding.

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: Watch it jump, and then drop after the book’s released.

Andrew: And buy Google. Yeah. [laughs]

Personal Update From Jo

Andrew: All right, so we already talked about this a little bit, but we’re also expecting a real update from Jo – a personal message from Jo.

Micah: Yeah, I talked to her last night.

Andrew: Did you?

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Micah, go ahead. Make your next request.

Micah: Well, I did a little bit. I made one last night…

Andrew: Did you?

Micah: …when the minicast was released.

Andrew: What did you say, exactly? I don’t…

Micah: No, I think that at the end of the show, I mentioned that it would be nice to get a more personal response from her.

Kevin: Personal response, yeah.

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Eric: It really would.

Micah: It would…

Eric: You know, how does it feel when you dedicate your life to this – sorry, Micah – when you dedicate your life for 15 years, how does it feel, you know? Or why is it only a week after the movie? What are your thoughts on that, Jo? Et cetera.

Micah: Yeah, and I think a diary update would be nice. That’s probably what most people want. I mean, we’re not looking for anything real soon like we got with Half-Blood Price, where we had chapter titles, we had a little snippet of one of the chapters given to us before the release. I’m sure she’ll do something like that again.

Andrew: Right.

Issue With Initial News Post on Jo’s Site?

Laura: Oh, I’m sure she will, but I didn’t really see a problem with the news post on her site.

Micah: Oh, I did.

Andrew: You don’t see a problem? [laughs]

Micah: I thought it was terrible.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Well, I didn’t. It was like…

Eric: You didn’t see much, Laura…

Laura: It made it seem official.

Eric: … because there’s only like, twelve words.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: I know. [sighs] I know, okay, Eric.

[Kevin laughs]

Laura: What I’m saying is it made it seem very official, like…

Eric: Like an accountant wrote it…

Andrew: That’s true.

Eric: … or somebody else just wrote it.

Laura: There’s something just – Well, no, no, no, I just thought it made it seem…

Mikey: Did you listen?

Laura: …so set in stone, the way it was done, and that’s why I didn’t mind it.

Kevin: Well… It was official, but it was a little too official. She didn’t say, “I am glad to announce…”

Andrew: Or…

Mikey: Or it was…

Andrew: Hey-o! Party!

Eric: Or, “I’m so happy I’m going to write on a statue, you know, and have it in The Sun tomorrow.”

Micah: Yeah, it was a press release. That’s basically what it was. It was an official message.

Laura: I think you guys need to stop complaining – bunch of whiners.

Andrew: No, we’re not complaining.

Laura: Bunch of whiners. [laughs]

Andrew: Let’s clear something up a second.

Micah: Hold on a second. Read it, Laura. You want me to read what it says on the site, and you tell me if that sounds…

Andrew: Uh oh. Uh oh.

Laura: I’ve read it!

Andrew: Uh-oh. Micah’s getting upset.

Laura: I’ve read it! I’ve read it! It’s a rare moment.

Micah: I’m just saying it wasn’t very personal, and that’s usually how she operates.

Laura: Well, no. It wasn’t. It wasn’t.

Mikey: It sounds like it was written by a lawyer. It was written by a lawyer; it wasn’t written by her. It was written by someone who says, “This is going to be the release date. You need to put it up.” That’s what it was.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: The thing is, I’m just not worried about it because I know we will get a personal message, so…

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Right, right…I mean, it’s not like this is a sign of things to come. It’s not like the book is going to be all generic and miserable – not miserable. Generic and basic, like its description, but I think…

[Eric laughs]

Kevin: A lawyer cleared the…

Andrew: I think what’s unexpected is that – Book 6 there was a lot of fan fare. There was the Room of Requirement you had to get through, and then there was a card that opened up and said, “I am happy…”

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I don’t know the exact wording, but it was in a greeting card, and it said, “Half-Blood Prince is complete,” and now this is the final book, and it’s just like, “Harry Potter…

Laura: Well, maybe there is something bigger to come.

Andrew: Well, yeah.

Micah: Hold on, Laura. I want to read something to you, okay?

Kevin: Oh boy.

Laura: [laughs] Okay, Micah.

Micah: “Wednesday, 22nd of December, 2004: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to be published 16th of July, 2005.” If you read this, it’s much more personal than Deathly Hallows.

Laura: Well, maybe she’s doing something bigger.

Andrew: Yeah, so, now you know! Now, wait a second. December 22nd, 2004. Was that when she actually announced the date, or was that a couple days after? That was a couple days after.

Micah: That was when she put her news post up in the news section.

Andrew: Right, so it was a couple days after her announcement in the Room of Requirement.

Micah: Yeah, I’m just looking in her news section of the site right now.

Andrew: Yeah. Right. Well, what I’m saying is – so, we should be expecting something like this.

Laura: Maybe, I mean.

Andrew: Right?

Laura: I don’t know.

Andrew: Just that – another…

Laura: I just can’t be that worried about it, because it’s, like, we’re getting the book in July; I’m excited. I could really care less.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

We ARE Excited

Andrew: Well, let’s clear that up. There have been a lot of complains about that. We are very excited. We’re extremely excited. For some of us, it takes longer to set in than others.

[Micah and Laura laugh]

Andrew: But we’re all freaking thrilled that we finally have a release date, so hey-o! Party!

Micah: But that’s what we do. We touch on everything.

Mikey: Yes! Party.

Andrew: I’m going to buy some party streamers, and at the beginning at every show, I’m just going to celebrate from now on.

Laura: You know what? I am going to cry when it’s over.

Mikey: Can you get those poppers?

Laura: I am going to cry.

Andrew: Laura, we were saying – did you listen to the MiniCast?

Laura: No.

Andrew: Oh, of course you didn’t.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: She was too busy staring at Daniel Radcliffe.

Mikey: That explains a lot now.

Music for the Ball

Andrew: I was saying that the Decade of Enchantment Ball at is going to have…

Laura: Okay, it’s going to be a cryfest. [laughs]

Andrew: Well, it’s going to have some extra meaning.

Laura: It will.

Andrew: What should the final song be? What’s a good goodbye song?

Laura: Please not something from the Goblet of Fire soundtrack.

Andrew: No, no, no.

Laura: [laughs] Anything but that stuff.

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: No, like – What’s one of those really depressing, end of the world…

Eric: That’s What Friends are For.

Andrew: How’s that go?

Laura: I don’t think it should be depressing.

Eric: [sings] That’s what friends are for…

Laura: I think it should be like, we went out with a bang.

Eric: [sings] In good times…

Laura: You know, that kind of thing.

Eric: [sings] In bad times, I’ll be on your side forevermore.

Andrew: Oh, oh, oh, what about that song that goes… [sings] Oooh… [laughs] I’m totally off key.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Wait. [sings] Oooh… [stops singing] You know the one with a ukulele? [sings] Oooh…

Kevin: [laughs] Okay.

Mikey: You mean, Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

Andrew: Yes, yes, Mikey. Thank you.

Kevin: Oh.

Mikey: I can’t pronounce the guy’s name. He’s awesome, though.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s a good song.

Laura: I think Green Day’s, Good Riddance / Time of Your Life.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: I think that would be good.

Kevin: Oh geez.

Andrew: [sings in strange voice] Wake me up when July ends.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: I wasn’t talking about that song.

Andrew: I know. That’s a good song.

Eric: It’s a good song, though.

Laura: He admits it now.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: The final countdown…

Andrew: Oh, by the way…

Eric: …by Europe…

Andrew: Just real quick, speaking of music, I got a lot of feedback about my little Bye, Bye, Bye remix…

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: …that I did on the last show.

Eric: Not in July.

Andrew: So much so that I’ve decided I am going to look into possibly turning it into a Wizard Rock single. I just purchased…

Laura: Oh, geez.

Andrew: …the karaoke version. So, now I can…

Kevin: Oh, god.

Andrew: …freely sing without NSYNC getting in my way. So, I’ll…

Mikey: Do you need back up?

Andrew: …be providing updates in that, too.

Mikey: Do you need back up vocals? That’s what I’m asking.

Andrew: Well, there are back up vocals already on the karaoke version. So…

Mikey: Oh, okay. Oh, okay.

Andrew: [laughs] …I don’t know.

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, I’ll enlist you if I do need any help, though.

Mikey: Okay.

Fan Reaction

Andrew: But anyway, anyone else want to bring anything else up before we get to fan reaction? Which we can talk about.

Laura: No.

Kevin: Can’t wait to see a response.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. We got…

Kevin: I want to hear the story personally from her, is what I want to see.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: I want to hear…

Kevin: About the hotel.

Andrew: Yeah, why she decided to go…

Kevin: That’s all I want.

Andrew: …to the hotel.

Mikey: Why she graffitied…

Kevin: It’s going to be a great story.

Andrew: If she tells us. [laughs]

Kevin: I can just see a great story coming from it. No, I’m sure she will. I mean, I’m sure she will without a doubt and I’m just looking forward to it.

Listener Rebuttal: Math in the Release Date

Andrew: Yeah. So, we got some feedback from the listeners about their feelings on the release date, and we got some interesting tidbits that some people wanted to point out to us, sent in to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. The first one comes from Benjamin, 16, of Buffalo. He writes:

Hey, guys, I love the show, you are all fantastic. One of the best things I’ve ever listened to.

Thank you, Benjamin.

I just wanted to comment on the release date. I know that 7/7/07 would have been an awesome release date but that was crushed by the movie premiere. But I think that 7/21/07 is a good release date. Seven plus seven plus seven equals twenty-one.

Laura: Oh geez.


Just wanted to bring that to your attention.

See, people start looking into that.

Laura: That’s not the first time someone’s done that.

Micah: Where’s K’lyssa?

[Laura and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, K’lyssa’s that person.

[Laura, Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Andrew: That’s clever, though.

Eric: It is clever.

Andrew: It’s probably not the reason, but…

Eric: So, it’s five sevens?

July 21 is NOT the Summer Solstice

Kevin: Oh, you have to mention the summer solstice.

Andrew: No! Summer solstice – Oh, yeah.

Laura: It’s not the summer solstice.

Kevin: No, no, no, that it’s not the summer solstice, please.

Andrew: Oh.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Please. I went through like ten e-mails…

Laura: Ten million e-mails, yeah.

Andrew: June 21st…

Eric: June 21st…

Andrew: …everyone.

Eric: And that was when Book 5…

Laura: When Order of the Phoenix

Eric: …was released.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah. And that was 2003.

Listener Rebuttal: Release of Title and Release of Book Connection

Micah: The next one comes from Charlotte, 15, of Wisconsin. She says:

Today in history, I was thinking about the Book 7 release date and then I realized that it’s on my half birthday, July 21st, of course. That made me realize that it was exactly six months after my actual birthday, December 21st, which was the date we found out the name of Harry Potter 7. I’m sure other people probably realized the connection already, but if not, I’m letting everyone know now.

Andrew: I’ve just found out from Charlotte. [laughs]

Kevin: Six months…

[Everyone talking at once]

Eric: Exactly six months then? Because we found out…

Mikey: Wow.

Andrew: Right, exactly. You have to wait exactly six months.

Eric: Oh, wow!

Andrew: I think that’s kind of cool.

Listener Rebuttal: Release Dates in South Africa

Andrew: Next email, Lindsey, 16, of Capetown, South Africa. She writes:

Hello, MuggleCast, I just…

[coughs] Oh, excuse me, I just choked on nothing.

I just wanted to say that the 21st of July for the ‘Deathly Hallows’ release is just great. Usually the HP film comes out a week after the U.S. and U.K. release. If this…

In South Africa, she’s talking about.

If this pattern continues it means that I can go see the movie on Friday the 20th, read the book on the 21st, and then cry my eyes out on the 22nd…

[Eric laughs]

Laura: Ohhh!

Andrew: …because there will never be another HP book again.

Eric: Ohhh!

Mikey: But you’ve still got two more movies.

Andrew: The date won’t stop me from seeing the movie at least twice in the cinema and I think most HP fans from South Africa would agree. Thanks for the great show and I hope you don’t stop MuggleCast after July.

So, see, it’s not – Some people enjoy that sort of thing. You’ve got the movie and then the book the next day. [laughs]

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: That’s crazy. Or vice versa, whatever she said.

Book Versus Movie

Micah: That was one thing we didn’t really talk about, that we mentioned on the last show, was the book versus the movie.

Andrew: Oh yeah, Laura, what do you think about that? I mean, does that play – Is that a big deal to you?

Laura: Ummm…

Andrew: What’s…

Laura: It doesn’t really bother me…

Andrew: Yeah, someone…

Laura: …but, I don’t know, it does seem kind of weird, I guess, because they’re two different stories. I don’t really think – I don’t think it’ll hurt either or, but I think it’s not the best marketing I’ve ever heard of.

Andrew: Who was it that pointed out on the last show – Well, we did talk about marketing and I thought it would be great cross marketing, media-wise with the news outlets.

Eric: Harry Potter month, etc. is what you said.

Andrew: Yeah, what Eric pointed out on the MiniCast was that it’s better that the book comes after the movie. Rather than…

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: …the movie come after the book.

Laura: It is better.

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Laura: That would be awful if the book came before the movie.

Andrew: Right. Yeah, so I think I just wanted to get your thoughts on that.

Micah: I think that second weekend, though, is going to suffer in sales because people are going to be completely focused on the book.

Eric: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah.

Eric: Well, that’s what I wrote. I mean, people who wanted to see the movie a second and a third time, unless they do it in the first week they’ll have a book to occupy them, obviously so…

Kevin: Yeah, but, honestly, I don’t see it suffering that much.

Eric: Well, right.

Kevin: I mean, like I said, quite a few people like to pace themselves with these books, and why not see one of the movies in between? It’s – There’s no reason not to, you know?

Listener Rebuttal: Marketing Techniques

Andrew: Right. I have another email, Joe, 24 of Tampa, Florida, talks about marketing, sent me an email about the marketing:

There was some disagreement on the MiniCast as to whether releasing ‘Deathly Hallows’ a week after the release of the Order of the Phoenix movie was A) incredibly smart or B) incredibly stupid. Purely from a marketing stand point this move was genius…

Joe thinks.

As was pointed out on the MiniCast, the potential for cross-marketing is amazing. You could literally have leaflets for the movie placed into each copy of the book during production which would be instant advertising to potentially tens of millions of fans for the cost of basically your average daily newspaper.

Now, before we get to the rest of his email, I don’t think they’re going to be doing that. [laughs] Throwing a flyer…

Micah: There’s no need to do that.

Andrew: …in the book. Yeah. [continues laughing] Yeah, but he goes on to say:

Despite all the debate it’s important not to forget one thing: This is Harry Potter. Scholastic could literally release the book in the dead of winter, only in bookstores above the 40th parallel, in the middle of a driving snow storm, and people would still buy this book. It’s the biggest series to come out in at least the last 50 years and this is the last book. No one who bought the last six books are going to pass on this.

Of course, of course. So, I mean…

Laura: Yeah, the thing is, I mean, it’s Harry Potter. It’s going to sell no matter what you do with it.

Andrew: Right. And it’s not so much the selling for us, I don’t think. I think it’s the hype and the build-up…

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: …that we’re all a little disappointed about because the book comes so soon after the movie. And the movie build-up can’t compare to the book build up. The book build-up is so much bigger. I mean premiere-wise, the premieres are great, and they’re a lot of fun, but there’s so much more anticipation for the book, it…

Laura: Well, yeah, I think that’s the one thing – I think I was actually talking to you, Micah, about that, was that the second I found out the book was coming out, that became my priority. Like, you know, I’m thinking about – we’re going to go to New York for the premiere and stuff, at least that’s what I am planning to do.

Andrew: Mhm.

Laura: And I was thinking if I had to cut one trip out of my entire summer, that would be the first thing to go, because I would much rather do a book release than a movie release.

Mikey: Right.

Kevin: Yep, absolutely.

Laura: I think the book definitely trumps it in the aspect.

Andrew: Yeah.

The Spacing Between Book and Movie

Micah: I just think spacing out a little bit could have made a difference for a lot of people if, say, the book came out in the middle of August as opposed to sort of the end of July.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. It could have, but then there just would have been such a long break. I don’t – well, I mean, at least for us it would be like, “Okay, movie, let’s go back to our homes for two weeks and then fly somewhere else.”

Kevin: I think it will work out in the end.

Laura: Well, at least it would give us a break. [laughs]

Andrew: It would give us a…

Kevin: A lot of people…

Andrew: See, but people are saying, “Oh, we need a break.” No we don’t! It’s…

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. I think…

Andrew: Come on! Give me a break.

Mikey: It’s going to be an awesome month.

Kevin: Exactly. Yeah.

Mikey: It’s going to be back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Everything’s going to fall like dominoes. It’s going to be the movie, the book, then Prophecy. It’s all going to fall together and it’s just going to be…

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: …a crazy ride for all of us.

How Will Prophecy Change?

Laura: Yeah, what does everyone – what does everyone think Prophecy is going to be like now, since we will have all read the book by the time we go?

Eric: Well, they…

Andrew: Well, they’ve got to seriously change – look into their programming…

Laura: [laughs] Change their panels.

Andrew: …and start some – yeah.

Mikey: “Is Snape good or bad? Well, that we don’t know.”

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Well, no offense to the Harry Potter conference in England, but that’s over the book release.

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: Something’s happened…book release…

Eric: It’s quite a shame to have – yeah, Prophecy was lucky that Jo didn’t throw a date right in the middle of their conference because there are these other conferences. Well, what – Enlightening catches the movie, but misses the book? Is that how that works? Or…

Andrew: Basically, yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: It’s right over the movie.

Eric: Catches the movie but misses the book.

Andrew: Which was planned.

Eric: Oh, it was planned? Okay.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: But then, but they missed the book and so – and then the conference…

Andrew: Oh…

Eric: …in England – what is that Sectus?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Is right over the book, so…

Andrew: So, I mean, honestly, if you’re looking at all three of these conferences, Sectus is going to be interesting because you’re going to be right there for the release, but Enlightening there can be, there’s much more potential for the Book 7 theory discussion because that’s all off in Prophecy now. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: And Sectus is pretty much in… [laughs] What is everyone going to be doing at Sectus when the book comes out? They’re going to be reading it. I don’t think they’re going to be wanting to go to panels. [laughs]

Laura: Panels. [laughs]

Andrew: So…

Laura: Well, it could work out in their favor, though. I mean…

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: MuggleNet had – we had Spellbound in 2005 for Half-Blood Prince.

Andrew: Well, that was planned, that was designed for…

Laura: Yeah, it was, but…

Andrew: It was a one-night thing.

Laura: …at the same time, I think it goes to show that you can have a large meeting of people and have a book come out.

Andrew: Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Plus, that’s in England and we’re going to be stealing – well, we want to do a podcast over there. So…

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Yes!

Listener Rebuttal: Cover Colors

Andrew: Next email, Jessicagoingcrazy, 16, of California. She writes:

First off, I’d like to say that I love you all so much. You make me get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when I listen to you guys.

Thank you, Jessica.

Laura: Awww.

Andrew: Okay, so the seventh book coming out in July freaks me out. I thought I would be excited, but now that we have a date, I’m scared and upset. Upset because I agree about how close it is to the movie. Scared because I might end up killing myself [laughs] at the end of the book.

Laura: [laughs] Oh my gosh.

Andrew: A note to all of our listeners: She’s not serious.

I also don’t want to know what happens. I don’t want anyone to die. I’m glad that the movie is coming out first, though, but it’s just too close to the book. I think the book is more money because it is – it’s a bigger book than the sixth. I personally want it to be bigger than the sixth. I will be disappointed if it isn’t. I don’t think J.K. Rowling is being rushed. For some reason, I feel like she wants to just get it out.

[laughs and clears his throat]

I mean, we got the name of the book and the date on when it comes out. I feel that soon we will know what the cover will look like. You never know.

She wraps up her email by saying:

What do you think the color/colors of the seventh book will be?

Did we talk about this on – when we did favorite book cover?

Micah: No, we actually didn’t talk about it.

Laura: No.

Andrew: Oh, okay. What do you guys think? I mean, is there a pattern here? We had – it was sort of green-themed…

Laura: Ummm…

Andrew: Well, it’s going to be a solid color, I think. Right?

Laura: Well, I think also, she’s talking about when you take the jacket off, you have two colors like…

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Laura: …the color on the spine and the – yeah.

Andrew: Well, I think it’s going to be black.

Mikey: I agree with that. I think it’s going to be black.

Laura: But Goblet of Fire was already black.

Andrew: Nooo.

Laura: Yeah, when you took the jacket – when you took the cover art off Goblet of Fire, it was orange and black.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. No, but I’m talking about the actual – the – where the hard part is.

Laura: Yeah, the actual cover?

Andrew: No, no, no, no. I’m – it was orange and black, but the colors – it’ll be black and…

Laura: And something else?

Andrew: …gray, maybe? Because…

Laura: But wasn’t Half-Blood Prince black and purple?

Andrew: It is, but why I’m saying it – it’s going to be black, that main part of it is going to be black…

Eric: No, Half-Blood Prince was purple and green, I believe. Half Blood Prince was…

Andrew: No, no, no.

Laura: No, no, no.

Andrew: The…

Laura: The… [laughs]

Andrew: Inside the binding of the book.

Eric: The binding? No, that’s what I’m saying. If you take the cover off, it’s…

Andrew: It’s black. But it’s purple. It’s black and purple.

Eric: Oh, black and purple?

Andrew: I’m looking at it right now, dude. It’s black and purple.

Laura: Yeah, me too. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Ummm, what was I going to say? Yeah, but the – you might remember that the placeholder art for Half-Blood Prince was purple and…

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: …this one – and for Order of the Phoenix it was blue, I think. Because we were all confident that the theme of the book was going to be purple because Order of the Phoenix matched the color – the color of the placeholder with the color of the actual cover. So, I could be completely off on this, but why would they make the placeholder art black unless the…

Laura: Yeah, it could be.

Mikey: I…

Andrew: It just seems – there just seems to be a pattern here.

Mikey: You know what? It’s black because the word “deathly” is in it. It’s kind of a dark color…

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Do you think that could be true?

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: It could be that, because it just looks good, also. So…

Andrew: But I mean, black? What does black represent? The end.

Eric: Death?

Andrew: But the end, too, so I think it’s…

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Well, the end. Death. Yeah, the end.

Andrew: Yeah. But actually, I mean, completely contradicting myself, I don’t think that a black – that the actual cover would be good black. I don’t think a Harry Potter cover could be black.

Eric: I don’t know.

Micah: Probably be gray.

Mikey: It could be green.

Eric: It could be like a gray-scale type…

Andrew: But that’s so blah. It’s like, blah. [laughs]

Laura: What if it’s like…

Andrew: [laughs] What if it’s just solid black?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Harry Potter… That would be awesome.

Mikey: With a seven on it?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Eric: The book is so dark that the cover is pure black.

Andrew: It’s got a picture of a marble bust on it.

Kevin: Death? Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: What about red?

Andrew: Maybe that’s the key to the book.

Laura: I was thinking red, too.

Kevin: That makes sense.

Andrew: Red? Yeah.

Laura: I think red would be cool.

Mikey: Red and black?

Eric: Red is interesting.

Andrew: Like a Chamber of Secrets red?

Eric: Or red and black.

Mikey: Like a Fawkes red?

Laura: Well, Chamber of Secrets wasn’t completely – well, yeah. Fawkes, but – yeah, like that kind of color. Like a blood red.

Mikey: What? Wow.

Andrew: Laura, I don’t like blood.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Well, it’s supposed to be a dark book!

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Do you think Mary Grandpre…

Mikey: It’s going to be blood red and the darkest black they can find. It’s going to just be dark and scary.

Andrew: I hope…

Micah: Do you think she gets locked in a room somewhere and for weeks on end and she’s not allowed to go anywhere?

Andrew: Well…

Eric: Who?

Micah: Mary Grandpre.

Andrew: Dang. I don’t think so, but… [laughs]

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I hope they – I want a big reveal, like with the Half-Blood Prince cover. They did it on the Today Show. They had a little handkerchief over it and Katie Couric was like – no, it was Arthur Levine, and they pulled it off and there was the cover! We were like, “Wow!” That’s the final step. These things come in three steps. You – we get the title, we get the date, and then the cover. And then the…

Eric: Maybe some excerpts.

Andrew: …countdown’s going to be on!

Listener Rebuttal: Movie Release versus Book Release

Andrew: And we have one final email here. Yeah, one final email here from Mary, 31, of Michigan. She writes:

Hey, love the show. Regarding your mini-podcast about the release of Book 7, I think that your conspiracies regarding the timing of Book 7 versus the movie release are a bit too dramatic. I think it’s as simple as J.K. Rowling was very close-mouthed about her process of finishing Book 7, and never fully revealed the speed at which she was writing. I think she finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel and did not want to jinx herself. I also think that if she feels the book is ready, it’s ready. This is not a woman who can be pushed around by her publishers. She keeps them in the dark just like the rest of the world. Remember also that she willingly sold the movie rights to Warner Brothers and does not have control over when the movie is released. As for taking more time to make Book 7 better, how would we even know if it could have been better unless J.K.R. admits it? She did admit that ‘Goblet of Fire’ could have been better, but if she’d never told us that, we would not have been – we would not have been the wiser. Who really cares? I think most fans are excited, but also sad the adventure will come to an end. Have a great day.

I wanted to get as many different perspectives from the listeners as possible on this show.

Micah: Well, when she says “bit too dramatic,” I think it’s really – that’s what we do, though. [laughs] We examine it from every different angle, and we bring up as many different things…

Laura: Yeah.

Micah: …as possible.

Andrew: We do need to complain, because if we agreed with everything, then [pauses] there would be nothing to talk about.

Micah: Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: No show. It would be boring.

Andrew: But with that said, let’s reiterate again: we are very excited about this. It’s sort of setting in for me today; it’s not fully set in.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: The final book is coming out, people. There’s a 160 plus eight days until the release. So… [laughs]

Laura: There is a certain amount of trepidation involved, too, I think, because part of me is so, so excited that it’s coming out, and then again, I’m like, wow, in six months, it’s going to be done. And we’re going to know everything. And, you know, we’ve been reading these books since – I was 11, so it’s been a long time.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: I’ve basically grown up with these books.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: It’s kind of sad, but exciting, too.

Listener Rebuttal: Horcruxes

Andrew: Okay. Well, I think that wraps up our release date discussion for now. But changing gears here, we’re going to get into some book discussion now. Last week, we asked everyone to send in their ideas on the Horcrux discussion that we had last week, because we were sort of getting all caught up in a tizzy over – we were confusing ourselves, I think. [laughs]

Micah: We got a lot of good response, though.

Andrew: We did, Micah. So, you want to get us through it all?

Micah: Sure.

Andrew: I’m still confused by it all! [laughs]

Micah: [laughs] Well, Sarah, 18, from North Carolina, said that she was re-reading the series and when she was re-reading the beginning of Goblet of Fire, she came across this passage on pg. 10. Wormtail says:

“My lord, I must speak,” panic in his voice now.
“All through our journey, I have gone through the plan in my head. My lord, Bertha Jorkins’ disappearance will not go unnoticed for long, and if we proceed, if I murder…”

And then Voldemort says, “‘If?’ whispered the second voice. ‘If?’ If you follow the plan, Wormtail, the Ministry need never know that anyone else has died. You will do it quietly and without fuss. I only wish that I could do it myself, but in my present condition… Come, Wormtail. One more death, and our path to Harry Potter is clear. I am not asking you to do it alone. By that time, my faithful servant will have rejoined us.”

And she goes on to say that:

Obviously, they’re talking about making the final Horcrux. I had just noticed that for the first time, and I was just wondering if y’all had noticed it, or if this had been brought up already. If it has, sorry.

Andrew: I understand that they’re making the final Horcrux, but what does Bertha Jorkins have to do with it?

Eric: Well, no, it’s the fact that they said one more murder, and then the path to Harry Potter is clear, but did anybody die in Book 4? I don’t think this is talking about the Horcrux at all.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: I think it’s talking about Dumbledore.

Kevin: Well, I don’t think it’s talking about the Horcrux.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: At the very least, I don’t think it is.

Laura: No, I really don’t think so. I mean, I’m not ruling it out completely, but I always took it to mean that they were trying to go after Dumbledore or somebody who could protect Harry.

Eric: And Voldemort says, “I only wish that I could do it myself.” Well, obviously, if he’s – he has to do it himself if he’s making a Horcrux.

Andrew: So, you’re saying they’re not talking about killing Bertha Jorkins? They’re talking about killing Dumbledore or someone?

Eric: Well, no. There’s…

Laura: No, no, no, no. That’s just part of the quote where…

Eric: Yeah. That’s just part of the quote.

Laura: … Wormtail is saying that her disappearance is going to…

Eric: Not go unnoticed. And if I murder this other person…

Laura: Kind of make – yeah.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: That’s what I’m saying.

Eric: And then he says, “If you murder this other person,” blah, blah, blah. So, there’s another person, and he says, “Come, Wormtail. One more death, and our path to Harry Potter is clear.” So, I wonder – well, Barty Crouch, Sr. died? But who was – who do you think they’re planning the death of, is what I’m saying? Like, could it be that they were planning Dumbledore’s death in Book 4, or – in this scene, or what?

Laura: Possibly. I mean, who else…

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: …does Voldemort really see as the person protecting Harry?

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: How would Voldemort expend – expect Wormtail to kill him, though? If Voldemort’s feared of him?

Eric: That’s true, too.

Andrew: That’s…

Eric: So, it’s interesting to see who they killed. Because nobody – who died in Book 4 besides Barty Crouch, Sr.?

Andrew: Well, there was Cedric.

Laura: Yeah, but I don’t think they were planning to kill Cedric. [laughs]

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: No. No, no, no.

Laura: Well, that’s kind of interesting, though.

Eric: They were really planning on…

Laura: Because looking at this, apparently there was a murder that was supposed to occur in Book 4, and it didn’t happen.

Mikey: [laughs] He was the spare.

Eric: Well, maybe it did. It said, “If you follow the plan, the Ministry never need to know that anyone else has died.” So, maybe we don’t need to know, either.

Mikey: Well, hold on. Couldn’t it be that Barty Crouch, Jr., wasn’t with them yet? And the other person that died would be his mother, right? Could they have put Barty Crouch, Sr. under the Imperius Curse to get Barty Crouch, Jr. out? You know what I mean?

Eric: Voldemort says, “By that time, my faithful servant will have rejoined us.” So, by his faithful servant, that kind of goes to the graveyard scene, where he is talking about his faithful servant, and is it Snape, or is it Barty Crouch? You know, “By that time, my faithful servant will have rejoined us,” you know?

Laura: [laughs] Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Mikey: I think it’s because you don’t know. So…

Laura: Interesting.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: It’s just a very weird scene.

Eric: It’s an interesting passage, because it could – it should, actually, matter. I’d be surprised if it didn’t, but it should actually matter. So…

Mikey: Well, couldn’t it be – it would matter if they found out that Barty Crouch, Jr. broke out of Azkaban, you know what I mean? So, if they put Senior under – Barty Crouch, Sr. under the Imperius Curse, there is… He did it right this time, and his faithful servant, Barty Crouch, Jr. is going to be able to break out, impersonate Moody…

Eric: Well, no, the…

Mikey: …and get in.

Eric: …storyline is coming back to me. What actually happened was Barty Crouch, Sr. took his wife to see their son, swapped bodies with their wife and his son, took his son back home under the Polyjuice Potion as his wife. Dementors didn’t notice, but then Bertha Jorkins came by the Crouch household, and kind of got the – got the idea that Barty Crouch, Jr. was kept in the basement, and that’s when Wormtail ran into her, when she went to Albania, and she said, “Yeah, you know, it’s kind of weird, but I really think that they are hiding his son down in the basement or something.” And that led Voldemort to the Crouches – to Barty Crouch, Jr. That’s actually what…

Micah: Well, I thought Wormtail killed her because Wormtail is supposed to be dead.

Laura: Yeah, that’s what Voldemort said.

Eric: Well, that, too. But she… But I heard, I thought that Wormtail got the information about Barty Crouch being alive through Bertha Jorkins.

Laura: Yeah. I…

Micah: That’s possible.

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: That’s a possibility. I think I need to re-read the end.

Eric: And I – and by the time all the memory spells are gone, they…

Laura: That’s right, because they…

Eric: … her mind…

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: …would have been a mess, anyway. So, they just killed her. So, but – I don’t know. But it’s an interesting passage, and I’m glad it was caught, because we’ll have to see what it means.

Andrew: Now that we’re discussing…

Eric: Now that Book 7 is coming out.

Andrew: …it, it doesn’t seem like it could mean Horcruxes.

Eric: No.

Laura: No, I don’t think so.

Andrew: When I first read that, [laughs] it kind of sounded convincing, but…

Listener Rebuttal: The Seventh Part of Voldemort’s Soul

Andrew: Next one comes from Chris, 21, of Georgia:

In ‘Half-Blood Prince’, page 497 in the American hardback, Slughorn says, “Even if one’s body is attacked or destroyed, one cannot die, for part of the soul remains earthbound and undamaged.” Also, Dumbledore says, when speaking about the number of Horcruxes, page 503, “Not seven Horcruxes: six. The seventh part of his soul, however maimed, resides inside his regenerated body. That was the part of him that lived a spectral existence for so many years during his exile.”

So, we’re only looking for two, right? Because last week, we were saying we were looking for three. There are still three unknowns.

Laura: Oh.

Micah: The whole argument last week was that Eric was saying one thing and Ben was saying the other and Eric basically is proven right by this. [laughs]

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, I think Eric was right.

Eric: About whether dying uses up a Horcrux.

Laura: What was the argument? I wasn’t here. [laughs]

Kevin: No, okay, see this was the argument. The argument was that when Voldemort dies, like in the case of Harry Potter when his spell rebounded, does he loose a Horcrux or do the Horcruxes remain and his soul just wander?

Eric: The existence of his other Horcruxes…

Kevin: Correct.

Eric: …hold him to the earth.

Kevin: Right.

Laura: Mhm.

Eric: Which is exactly this quote that Slughorn says. And Ben was thinking, well, when he died…

Laura: No.

Eric: …one of his Horcruxes was used up, like his pieces of soul just…

Mikey: I don’t think it was Horcruxes. I think Ben was thinking more that one of the pieces of soul was used up.

Eric: Yeah, that’s what a Horcrux – a Horcrux is a piece of soul.

Mikey: Right. But the Horcrux inside – the soul inside of him is not considered a Horcrux. It’s considered his soul. So, I think what Ben was thinking was when he died – when he lost his body, that piece of soul was lost also. I think that’s what Ben was thinking. But from the quote, I think it’s more that that soul piece stays and that’s what…

Kevin: Yeah, but either way, I think this quote confirms that the Horcrux isn’t used up in any way. It’s just…

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: …a single piece of soul that remains in his body that – and the Horcruxes bound him to the earth.

Eric: The existence…

Kevin: Right.

Micah: Right, the Horcruxes anchor him.

Mikey: Yeah, that’s kind of what the quote says.

Micah: As long as the Horcruxes are there, his soul can’t be destroyed.

Eric: But, we still do not know if Voldemort successfully made – or had seven pieces of soul before he died.

Andrew: I think he did – he must because that’s Dumbledore’s mission. Well, it was.

Eric: Well, I mean, actually, I just wanted to point that out we still don’t positively know that because what Dumbledore said was, you know…

Andrew: That’s true.

Kevin: I think it’s pretty much a given.

Laura: Yeah. Well, it would be kind of…

Eric: Because the number seven would be…

Laura: Yeah, it really would be.

Kevin: Anti-climatic. Disappointing, yeah.

Eric: Right, but it hasn’t been confirmed by anybody that he actually made, or had seven pieces of soul at the time of his downfall.

Laura: Yeah, but I think it is something that can be safely assumed.

Andrew: I mean…

Eric: No, because even one Horcrux, actually – by this description that we got-even one Horcrux should tie you to the earth if you die. Voldemort just went all out and wanted seven pieces of soul to exist because he killed so many people.

Mikey: Now…

Laura: Yeah, but then, what would be the point of going on about showing Harry that Voldemort wanted to make seven Horcruxes if there wasn’t going to be seven of them?

Kevin: That’s true, yeah.

Laura: I’m talking about it from more of a literary standpoint.

Eric: Well what they say…

Laura: Like Kevin said, it would be anti-climatic.

Eric: Well, when Dumbledore – well, when Dumbledore talked to Harry about it, he says two or three more remaining. And he’s very, I mean, everybody wants to say, “Okay, we need the wand, the locket, the cup and everything else,” and think of it like that, but I think the actual scene, if we looked at it again, Dumbledore is not sure if Voldemort has six or seven.

Kevin: Yeah, but, but, what we’re saying is, although it’s not confirmed, the fact that she mentioned it – J.K. Rowling that is – mentioned seven Horcruxes, it would be somewhat disappointing not to see seven. There’s no reason not to include seven in the book.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, except for a huge plot twist. But, I mean, Jo has said on one occasion in an interview that Dumbledore is not usually far off the mark. So…

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Mikey, what were you going to say?

Mikey: My question is the memory that Harry got from Slughorn, how many Horcruxes did Tom Riddle say would make him magically powerful? Seven Horcruxes? Or seven pieces of soul? Because, I think that’s the big question. If you make seven Horcruxes, there are eight pieces of the soul. Seven Horcruxes and the piece of the soul that’s inside him.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. So, that would mean seven…

Mikey: If it’s – you see what I mean? I think it all goes back to that memory and that’s the key to kind of find out and sadly, I haven’t read the book recently to tell you exactly what the quote is.

Eric: Yeah. Well, you know, “‘Seven, seven, sir, isn’t seven the magical number? Wouldn’t it be possible to have seven?’ ‘Seven?’ said Slughorn. ‘My goodness, Tom, just to commit such an evil deed against nature, it’s an act against nature, it’s an act against everything. You’re insane! You want to do seven?’” And then Voldemort was all like, “Sorry, sir.” So, but yeah…

Mikey: So, yeah, it would be…

Kevin: Yeah, but in that scene, they were referring to Horcruxes. I believe they weren’t…

Eric: Seven Horcruxes or seven pieces of soul. So, there might be what? Eight pieces of soul, do you think? Mikey?

Mikey: It would be like eight – because again, we’re saying that the Horcruxes are separate pieces separate from what is bound to Voldemort himself.

Eric: Right.

Mikey: So, there’s seven separate Horcruxes plus the eighth piece of the soul that’s inside of himself. So there’s seven Horcruxes total…

Kevin: Yeah, but…

Mikey: Then, Voldemort himself.

Kevin: But, exactly, I think Voldemort places the significance in seven Horcruxes, not eight pieces of soul, or seven pieces of soul. If that makes sense.

Mikey: Yeah, that makes sense.

Kevin: Yeah?

Micah: Well, Dumbledore even said that, though. Andrew just read the quote that there’s not seven Horcruxes, there’s six plus Voldemort. “The seventh part of his soul, however maimed resides inside his regenerated body.”

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Oh, okay.

Mikey: Could he actually have made seven and Harry be a Horcrux and Dumbledore just didn’t want to say it? We’re back on that.

Eric: Well, that would suck.

Mikey: That would suck. I don’t want that.

Laura: I don’t think Harry’s a Horcrux.

Eric: There is some support for that at the end of Book 2 when they’re talking about all the similarities between breaking rules. But what’s interesting in that scene, just thinking about that is that Dumbledore was comparing Harry to Voldemort saying, “You want to break the rules.” But yet Harry’s own father broke the rules, too. That’s why that’s so confusing, because we find out that James was a rule breaker, yet Dumbledore’s talking about the similarities between Harry and Voldemort, even though his father was a rule-breaker, too. He’s comparing his rule breaking-ness to Voldemort saying that Voldemort transferred part of himself into Harry the night he died.

Laura: I don’t think he’s talking about rule-breaking. I think he’s talking about stuff like being able to speak Parselmouth.

Eric: No, the exact – well, it was that and the exact words were a “certain disregard for the rules, if I may say so.”

Laura: Yeah, but, I don’t know. I think that’s kind of a generic thing because there’s more than one student that has a disregard for rules.

Eric: It’s true.

Mikey: Yeah, but Harry also has that connection with Voldemort too, so that leaves a little something there.

Laura: Yeah, but…I guess but I think that part of the reason Harry does disregard rules is because he feels a responsibility to defeat Voldemort. I don’t know.

Listener Rebuttal: Hufflepuff’s Cup

Andrew: Let’s move on to another email from Edna, 62 from Atlanta about the cup.

The cup is found and Arthur has it in his shed…

This one I’m not too sure about. Chamber of Secrets page 31.

Ron tells Harry about what his dad does in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. “Like…”

And this is Ron saying.

“Like last year, some old witch died and her tea set was sold to an antique shop. This Muggle woman bought it, took it home and tried to serve her friends tea in it. It was a nightmare. Dad was working overtime for weeks. They – he and Perkins had to do Memory Charms and all sorts of stuff to cover it up.”

Hepzibah Smith, perhaps? Or, well, of course, Ron must have meant “last year” to be when the nightmare happened, not when the old witch died. Fred says “Dad’s crazy about anything to do with Muggles. Our shed’s full of Muggle stuff.” Now, somehow the tea set is brought to the wedding celebration either as a gift to the young couple or included as part of the table setting. But, will Harry recognize it or remember it later? Will harm come to the Weasley family and, if so, will that allow Ron to go with Harry driven by his own personal vendetta?

Is there enough evidence here to conclude that?

Laura: I don’t think so. The thing is if you look back at Book 6 and you read the specific chapter where Tom Riddle was coming and meeting with Hepzibah Smith and she shows him Hufflepuff’s cup, it is described as being heavier, it’s gold…

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Laura: …it’s got handles on either side and a badger on the front of it. That does not strike me as something that would come in a tea set.

Mikey: Yeah, I thought it was more like a goblet or something.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Or let alone be unrecognized as something of high value.

Mikey: Yeah, I don’t think so.

Eric: Yeah. But it wouldn’t be fun – okay, the locket I can understand and I really hope that the locket that was mentioned in Book 5 is the locket Horcrux that’s in Grimmauld Place or wherever Kreacher would have put it if he had his hands on it. But not all the Horcruxes… What I’m saying is not all the Horcruxes can have been found. I mean, I think that part of Book 7 should be Harry looking for the Horcruxes. I mean, if they are all…

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: …in a building or dusty shelves then that’s kind of anti-climactic considering Dumbledore had to go all the way to the old Gaunt house and then sort through, sift through the rummage just to find the ring. You know? But that was… So, there’s got to be some kind of test. They can’t just be – you can’t say that, “Okay, the cup was found.” I think the locket is a once and done thing. I think that fact that R.A.B. took the locket is significant, but everything else should be wherever Voldemort put it. Which would not be out in the open somewhere…

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: …or on a shelf or on a tea set.

Laura: Yeah.

Listener Rebuttal: Headmasters Buried at Hogwarts

Andrew: Micah, we got some clarification from Kristie, 18, of Chicago?

Micah: Yeah, she says:

On the show you guys mentioned about other Headmasters being buried at Hogwarts. However, in ‘Half-Blood Prince’, on pg. 629 in the American version, it says, “I-I know that it was Dumbledore’s wish to be laid to rest here, at Hogwarts…”

I believe that’s McGonagall speaking.

“Then that’s what’ll happen, isn’t it?” said Harry fiercely. “If the Ministry thinks it appropriate.”

[pauses] Sorry.

“If the Ministry thinks it appropriate,” said Professor McGonagall. “No other headmaster or headmistress has ever been…”

And then Harry says…

Andrew: Hagrid.

Micah: “No other Headmaster or Headmistress has ever been…” [makes tongue-tied sound and laughs]

Harry says, “No other headmaster…”

Andrew: Hagrid!

[Kevin laughs]

Micah: Oh, Hagrid.

Hagrid says, “No other Headmaster or Headmistress ever gave more to this school.” Therefore, although there might be a graveyard at Hogwarts, there are no other headmasters or headmistresses buried there, just Dumbledore.

And that is in response to last week’s show.

Andrew: Oh…

Laura: Well. That’s also…

Eric: That’s a good quote. Thank you for finding that.

Andrew: Seriously.

Laura: That’s also – I mean, I think that you can think of the founders a little differently than you think of a headmaster or headmistress.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: But we’re not…

Laura: Because while they were effect – they did effectively serve those roles …

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: …they were still the founders.

Andrew: But we still add…

Laura: Yeah, but it’s not like McGonagall is saying not even the founders are buried here you know. She’s just saying…

Andrew: No, but it’s partly answering her question because we did ask, “Are the former headmasters and headmistresses are buried here?” But…

Micah: Good find.

Voicemail: Status of J.K.R.’s Door After Book 7

Andrew: So, yeah – thanks, Kristie, for that. Okay, we’re going to get to a few voicemails this week. We haven’t done in awhile, so let’s hit up the lines now.

[Audio]: [laughs] You guys make me laugh so much. Well, I just realized something after reading about the new release date. I wondered if you thought that – what the status of J.K.R.’s door would be after Book 7 comes out and the 5th movie comes out. If she’ll keep it closed all the time, or if she’ll open it up every so often. Love the show. My name is Cory, I’m from California, and I didn’t mention that in the beginning, but anyway, I’ll keep this under 30 like you want. Thanks for an awesome show and hope to be hearing from you pretty soon. Thanks! Bye!

Andrew: I think it’s going to turn into an area for maybe cool new facts.

Kevin: I think so, too.

Andrew: Like she won’t post everything in the rumor section. It’ll be like…

Laura: Yeah, but she said that she wasn’t going to take the site down. She said she was going to keep it up.

Andrew: I didn’t say she was taking it down.

Laura: I know, but I think that – I don’t think that she would leave it up if she wasn’t going to keep it active.

Kevin: Updated, yeah.

Laura: Yeah. And I think – I mean, she is still a writer even though Harry Potter is over. She is still going to write other stuff.

Andrew: Yeah, but that Room of Requirement. It seems…

Laura: And she could use… Yeah, I know

Andrew: …to me that – well. You know what I’m saying.

Laura: Yeah, but that could become a tradition. You know, of her site. It doesn’t necessarily have to close…

Andrew: Well, it already has.

Laura: …forever just because -I know, but she could use it for other books. That’s what I am saying.

Mikey: I think…

Micah: No.

Kevin: I don’t see her using it.

Laura: Why not?

Micah: I don’t think so. I don’t like that idea.

Mikey: Well – like, there is all those little fun things you can get on her website. I’m sure, like, we talked about a possible encyclopedia – what if she starts releasing information. Back story and stuff like that.

Andrew: Well, she already has. But, yeah, she can channel more of that through the Room of Requirement. Because after Book 7, all the extra facts about book – the series is going to be like special content, special tidbits that are going to have more value to them, I think. Since there is not another book to get a boat-load of new information.

Laura: Yeah. In short, I think that the site will definitely stay active and I don’t think that she’ll shut the door forever.

Will MuggleNet and MuggleCast Continue?

Andrew: Definitely. Which actually brings up a question that we’ve been getting asked a lot is MuggleNet and MuggleCast: are they going to be closing once Book 7 is out?

Laura: Yes.

Andrew: The answer to that is, “Yes.”

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Andrew: So, next voicemail please.

Laura: All right.

Andrew: No! I’m kidding, I’m kidding

[Laura laughs]

Eric: However, at that time I will have my own Harry Potter Podcast.

Andrew: No, no, absolutely not. We’re going to keep…we’re going to keep – trust me, the site is going to be here through…

Laura: Forever.

Andrew: …the third remake of the Harry Potter series.

[Laura and Eric laughs]

Andrew: The podcast? We plan on doing though the book. We are going to keep doing it until we run out of stuff to discuss. That’s really what it comes down to. And that’s for Deathly Hallows, we are going to be able hopefully discuss stuff for another like 30 episodes, after the release. Am I right? Or am I…

Laura: Well, don’t say that because you never know. You don’t want to get people’s hopes up.

Andrew: Well…

Kevin: That’s true. Yeah.

Andrew: Basically, what I am saying is we love doing this we don’t want to stop doing it once the book comes out.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: So, whether we make the show shorter or do them every other week or something like that. You know? We’ll come up with something good. A podcast…

Laura: Well, I think it also safe to say that even if MuggleCast ends, we all really enjoy doing this podcast thing and I’m sure we can find something else to talk about.

Kevin: It’s true, yeah.

Laura: [laughs] Definitely.

Eric: Like fish.

Kevin: Another book.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs] I’m sure we can do that.

Kevin: Another author.

Eric: Narnia.

[Mikey laughs]

Eric: MuggleCast: your leading Narnia podcast.

Laura: Yeah, we’ll just move on.

Andrew: I’m looking at my calendar right now and episode 99 – if we keep doing shows every week – will be released on July 22.

Laura: Oh, weird.

Andrew: So, maybe we should do two shows in one week.

Laura: So, it’s episode 100.

Eric: The 100th episode. Go out with a bang.

Andrew: Yeah and we’ll release it on a Saturday. But, of course, there is going to be Leaky Mugs and stuff. So…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: …this schedule might get thrown off entirely, I don’t know. But, anyway, let’s move along here.

Laura: Next voicemail.

Voicemail: Magical Dudley?

[Audio]: Hey, MuggleCasters, this is Jason from California. I love the show, especially Laura and Jamie. They are my favorite. And I was listening to episode 57 where you talked about Petunia and Dudley Dursley and this spawned a theory in my mind about Book 7. Someone is supposed to do magic very late in life in Book 7 and we are also suppose to learn what Dudley’s worst memory is. Is it possible that Dudley has and will do magic inadvertently and visit his worst memory? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Keep up the good work. Later.

Micah: But is it his worst memory or is it his worst fear?

Andrew: I think it is his worst fear.

Laura: Yeah. I mean, they could be the same thing though.

Micah: See, I always had the theory that – it depends what you define as “late in life.”

Laura: Yeah. That’s true.

Micah: Because Dudley, I guess, is later in his life.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: But when you’re talking about somebody doing magic in Book 7, is it Filch; is it Mrs. Figg?

Eric: Or Petunia?

Micah: But, I think it would be kind of cool if Dudley’s greatest fear is his parents finding out that he can do magic.

Laura: That would be interesting. And I mean…

Andrew: Yeah. Micah, was it…

Laura: Okay, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but when you think about Muggleborns and stuff, Dudley would be a likely candidate considering his aunt was one.

Eric: Well, I think that where the dementors are an effect on Dudley too – it makes you relive your worst memories, is what it does. Not necessarily your worst fear and you don’t really necessarily relive it. When Harry came across the dementors, he would always hear his mother screaming, so I think it is the worst memory as opposed to worst fear.

Micah: Well, no. Lupin says to him, it’s wise because what you fear most is fear itself.

Kevin: Yep.

Laura: Well, that was when he was dealing with the boggart.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Oh, okay, yeah. You’re right.

Andrew: I mean, does Dudley know if he has magical ability? Because don’t you think we would have seen it by now? like, when he was faced with the dementors?

Eric: Yeah, I think he would have warmed up to Harry a little bit.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: I don’t think he would have warmed up to Harry.

Andrew: When he was…

Micah: Andrew – I talked to you about it though, didn’t I?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. I was going to say that. But I’m saying when he was faced up against the dementors with Harry, don’t you think he would have exhibited some sort of…

Micah: Maybe he’s too afraid.

Andrew: Yeah, but when Harry was afraid of the snake, I mean, he started talking to it, so – in Book 1 – so I think maybe even if Dudley does know, he’s probably too insecure about it to tell anyone.

Micah: Yeah, but I think part of what maybe was used as evidence for that is when Dumbledore came to visit in Half-Blood Prince. He made some comment to Dudley’s parents…

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Micah: …about how they raised him or how they treated him. I forgot what the exact quote was though.

Laura: It was something about, “I won’t do anything worse to him than what you already have” or something along those lines.

Micah: Yeah, so…

Andrew: Oooh.

Eric: Or, “I won’t do anything. You’ve already abused him.” Or something like that.

Laura: And it would certainly…

Eric: Something to that effect.

Laura: …lead very well into that big revelation about Aunt Petunia we’re supposed to get.

Andrew: Are Harry and Dudley the same exact age? Like same school year age?

Mikey: Dudley’s a month older.

Laura: Pretty much. Like, a couple weeks.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: So, if Harry started receiving the letters from Hogwarts, wouldn’t Dudley have received them too?

Mikey: Unless they didn’t want him to go.

Andrew: Unless the one…

Laura: Unless they throw them away.

Andrew: That’s true.

Eric: But why are you guys thinking Dudley? Why can’t it be Petunia that does magic late in life?

Laura: Because – I don’t know.

Eric: We’re thinking either Mrs. Figg, Filch, or Petunia. Petunia was – the focus is on Petunia. Why would somebody say, “Why isn’t it Dudley who might do magic?”

Micah: Because we were answering their voicemail. [laughs]

Mikey: Didn’t J.K.R. say…

Andrew: There is apparently still something big to be revealed about Petunia, and we haven’t really heard anything about Dudley.

Mikey: I thought J.K.R. said…

Laura: Yeah, but it would be…it would be…

Andrew: Oh.

Laura: It would be a big revelation about Petunia that she gave birth to a wizard and then hid it from him.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I don’t know. I don’t think they need anymore reasons to think Dudley is special.

Andrew: Isn’t this what excites you though? Like, knowing we’re going to know…

Laura: All the theorizing…

Andrew: But we’re going to have all the answers.

Laura: I know! My gosh.

Andrew: See, that’s what’s exciting. I think I’ve mentioned this before. I’m looking forward to – I’m not going to sit here and listen to all the podcasts, but reflecting back on all the stuff we’ve discussed.

Laura: Thinking about all the times we were wrong. [laughs]

Andrew: And all the times we were right. Hopefully. [laughs]

Kevin: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: So – good stuff. Let’s…

Eric: Next voicemail?

Andrew: Yeah.

Voicemail: Guns at Hogwarts?

[Audio]: Hey, this is Sam. I’m a great listener and I love you guys, but I was just wondering, how come – they say in Hogwarts that Muggle things, like guns and technology, stop working around Hogwarts because of all the magic, but guns wouldn’t, would they? So, I always wonder, why doesn’t Harry come in there with a chain gun or something and just blow the place apart? I mean, it’s just a new concept. Why doesn’t anyone do that? All right. Bye!

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Because that would make the story really lame.

Eric: Did he mean Voldemort? Wait a minute.

Andrew: Either. Anybody.

Eric: Harry go into Hogwarts and blow everyone apart?

Laura: I quoted it. I quoted it from his voicemail.

Eric: Yeah I know, but are you sure – I think he means Voldemort.

Laura: I don’t know what he means.

Andrew: No, he could mean Harry. To kill Voldemort.

Eric: Okay.

Laura: Or he could mean Harry go into wherever Voldemort is.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Oh, okay.

Micah: Well, thank you, Laura Mallory, a.k.a. Sam.

[Laura and Eric laugh]

Eric: He’s going to blow the place apart because Harry Potter also promotes guns and weapon violence as well. Especially at school.

Andrew: Yeah. I answer one of these questions like – you know – I mean, this is the perfect example. “Why doesn’t he just shoot Voldemort?” Because! It’s a magic novel.

Eric: Okay, okay. So we’re skipping Marcy?

Andrew: Because! There’s no room for that.

Laura: No one wants to watch him go to the bathroom.

Andrew: Yeah.

Voicemail: Death Eaters Re-Group?

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast. This is Corey, 16, from Newtown, Pennsylvania. I was just listening to your latest MuggleCast episode, episode 74. You guys were talking about what would happen if Voldemort were to die, would the Death Eaters ever re-group? If you guys have ever seen the TV show Charmed, when the source dies, all the demons or the underworld is in disarray. But slowly, a leader comes up and takes over control. So, do you think that might happen – Bellatrix might take over the Death Eaters? Or, if she does, how long do you think that will be?

Kevin: I don’t think so.

Micah: No, Bellatrix is going to die.

Laura: I don’t think Bellatrix would take over. I think she’s going to die.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: No, see, the problem is that I think that most of the Death Eaters are coerced into their positions. Like, they’re not the best people to begin with, and then Voldemort says, “Hey. You have the same morals as I do.”

Eric: Right. Exactly.

Kevin: “Come into my group, otherwise I’ll torture you.” So, essentially, they’re coerced into their positions and coerced into supporting him. And once he dies, I do not see them continuing.

Eric: Also…

Kevin: I see them doing exactly what they did when he died the first time, which is try to integrate back into society and act as though nothing happened.

Eric: Right.

Micah: Well…

Eric: The few who like Bellatrix might become leaders, but the thing with Charmed, and this is kind of a good comparison, is that in Charmed once the source dies, there’s that period of disarray where nobody really knows what to do and all the demons are kind of coming back and forming, but the thing about Charmed is that there’s no overwhelming source of good, necessarily, that can actually stop things from reforming. So, I think in the Harry Potter series, the Ministry will use that time of disarray to then seek out all the Death Eaters and put them behind bars. All the ones who still pose a threat; all the ones they can find. See, in Charmed…

Laura: I think it is important that – sorry, Eric.

Eric: In Charmed there was just nothing to stop the demons from reforming…

Kevin: It’s true, yeah.

Eric: Whereas this time the Ministry can use that.

Mikey: You can also look at the time in between Voldemort’s first fall how come no one rose up, and actually in Half-Blood Prince, Snape even said to Bellatrix that they thought Harry was going to be the next dark wizard for everyone to rally behind. I think everyone that is a Death Eater is waiting for one person to rally behind, and it’s none of the current Death Eaters. So, unless something happens, I don’t think – none of the current Death Eaters would rise up and be a leader.

Laura: Yeah, and the thing is what’s important to remember is that there’s always going to be evil in the world.

Kevin: Oh, of course. Yeah.

Laura: But, as for Harry’s battle, that’s going to be done.

Kevin: Yep.

Laura: You may have some Death Eaters that continue on doing horrible things, and eventually another Dark Lord may rise and they may rally behind him. But as for the Death Eaters who are known as Voldemort’s followers, I don’t think they’re going to expand or create anything new when he dies.

Eric: Yeah. Without a leader, I mean…

Kevin: Not to mention the fact that they got away with it once. Do you think they’re going to get away with it this time?

Andrew: No.

Laura: No.

Andrew: They will…

Kevin: I don’t… I see Lucius and all the Death Eaters that are currently in the book, they’re going to get knocked off or they’re going to be captured. I mean, the Ministry isn’t going to fall for it twice.

Eric: And exactly, and when Harry came back from the graveyard and started listing Knott and Bode and all the ones…

Kevin: Right.

Eric: …Fudge just said to him, “You’re just talking about people who stood trial last time,” and who obviously got away. So, they obviously suspect a large variety of the Death Eaters who are actually Death Eaters. This time they’ll probably, definitely catch them.

Micah: Never mind the fact that the Horcrux thing is now been exposed.

Eric: Exactly.

Micah: So they’re going to have to come up with another way if there is a person that rises.

Andrew: Which could take forever. Yeah.

Micah: Yeah, to preserve themselves.

Eric: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Andrew: [strange accent] Fool me, you can’t get fooled again. [normal voice] It’s the Bush quote when he screws it up.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: Wow.

Andrew: All right, okay. With that said, that concludes the voicemails today. Right, Laura? I think? Yeah, if you would like to send us a voicemail you can always dial, in the United States, 1-218-20-MAGIC. In the United Kingdom you can dial 020-8144-0677. If you’re in Australia you dial 02-8003-5668. So get your voicemails in, and we look forward to playing them on a future show. Try to keep the voicemail questions general. We like to have a broad range of topics on the show, and the voicemails help keep a wide variety of stuff to discuss on the show.

Micah: If you can try doing that with rebuttals too.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: I know it’s hard.

Andrew: Yeah, but I mean rebuttals are rebuttals. [laughs] Most of the time.

Micah: Well, they’re not theses either.

Andrew: No, no. That’s true.

Chicken Soup For The MuggleCast Soul

Andrew: We’re going to wrap things up today with a Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul. This comes from Natalie, 21, of Baghdad, Iraq. She writes:

“Hello MuggleCast. I am an Army girl who got sent over to Baghdad for a year. The first part of my tour was going slow and lasting a lifetime. Seeing and doing the same things over and over again can drive a person nuts. Then, I started listening to your podcast. Let me tell you, you guys help me a lot. Now time goes by, and I can’t wait to hear next week’s cast. Seeing all the violence and death really brings a person’s hopes and morale down a lot, but MuggleCast made me smile and laugh. It made me happy to hear about ‘Harry Potter’ and for once something not that serious and life threatening. So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made a soldier’s day every week. Can’t wait for next week’s cast. Yours truly, PFC: Natalie.”

So, thank you, Natalie, very much and we’re happy to hear.

Laura: Yeah, thank you.

Kevin: Yeah, thank you.

Mikey: That’s rad.

Andrew: We’re very happy to hear it’s helping you out. Yeah, it’s very cool.

Micah: Yeah.

Show Close

Andrew: So, that does conclude Episode 75 of MuggleCast. By the way guys, Micah, earlier this week, was trying to come up with ideas on how to celebrate for Episode 75 but ended up having a long show to celebrate anyway. 75 episodes! 75 episodes!

Kevin: Yeah, no kidding.

Eric: Wow.

Micah: Jo took care of all that for us.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: It was Jo’s gift to us.

Kevin: Not really.

Eric: She watches our back that way.

Mikey: Wow.

Andrew: Yeah. So we thank everyone for listening, and we hope everyone’s here for another 75 more. Just think, by Episode 100 you will all have Book 7. It’s a mere 25 episodes away.

Laura: Oh my god.

Micah: Wow.

Eric: Wow.

Kevin: Oh, geez.

Andrew: Yeah. It feels like – no it doesn’t actually. Episode 50 feels like a long time ago.

Laura: It does.

Eric: Wow, just 50.

Micah: Yeah, it does.

Andrew: If you want to send us some Happy Birthday cards or Happy Anniversary cards you can always mail them to the MuggleCast P.O. Box. Which is:

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Mikey: I have no clue.

Andrew: It seems like… Make up your mind already.

Mikey: I’ll be on if you want me to, but it’s one of those things where Andrew gives me a call. “Mikey, can you be on the show?” “Uh, yeah. Hold on.”

Andrew: Mikey’s our backup.

Mikey: I’m the backup. So when Ben’s not around I’ll be here.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[Show music plays]

Mikey: I’ll be Ben Schoen for the show.

Andrew: By the way guys, I got an IM from Jamie when I was away today. It said, shoot I want to quote it because it’s pretty funny. It says, “I am literally about to die. ‘Explicative’ flu.” And then he signed off four seconds later, so if you want to assume he’s under the weather right now. Send jamie at staff dot mugglenet dot com some get well cards, e-mails. Hopefully he’ll get better.

Eric: I think he’s had that since my party.

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Kevin: Yeah, it’s true.

Andrew: Yeah he’s – Durham has got him pretty screwed up.

Kevin: He’s an insomniac.

Andrew: Yeah, it’s true.

Kevin: He really is.

Andrew: Yet when he comes over to my house he sleeps for 14 hours, so I don’t fully understand what he’s trying to accomplish.

Mikey: [laughs] I was talking to him when he came over to your house and he’s just like, “Yeah, quiet. We can’t Skype right now. Andrew’s asleep. He has school in like, two hours.” [laughs] I’m like, “Why are you up then?” He’s like, “I haven’t slept yet.”

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I’m like, “Wow!”

Andrew: Thanks everyone for listening.

Mikey: Jamie, get better.

Andrew: Yeah, Jamie, get better. Hopefully he’ll be back on next week.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Ben has a Forensics tournament, so that’s why he’s not on either. So hopefully, both of them will be back next week. Once again, I’m Andrew Sims.

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