Episode 76: Rooms 625-660

  • After opening the show with a concrete statement, we have a cozy little news discussion.
  • The Ben is back… again.
  • MuggleNet’s book reviewed in the New York Times!
  • Andrew shares his theory on why Jo wrote on the bust of Hermes.
  • OH-EM-GEE – we explore various examples of fun facts and how they can be taken too far.
  • Is there more of a meaning behind the statue of Hermes at the Balmoral?
  • Despite quotes to the contrary, is it possible there’s anything more to Petunia or Dudley?
  • This week our main discussion is replaced by our favorite Deathly Hallows theory submissions!
  • Would Umbridge try to interfere with the Tonks/Lupin pairing?
  • Is Jo just trying to make us feel better?

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