Episode 82: The Answer is Seven

  • Fresh back from London, Andrew and Jamie recount their adventure and give us their Equus review.
  • Is 784 pages too short? (No!)
  • One gracious listener makes a request that makes everyone squirm except “Toots”.
  • It’s an all-voicemail show this week!
  • Did Harry love Cho?
  • Would Harry kill Ginny if she were a Horcrux?
  • Would Harry sacrifice himself to save a friend, even if it meant Voldemort could never be defeated?
  • Was Dumbledore just being himself before he died, or is there something more to his very careful wording?
  • Impromptu British Joke.
  • For some reason Bono continues to invade the show.
  • We’re all grown up and going away to college… even Micah.
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.
  • The Team Rocket Song!

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