Episode 97: Laura’s Pants

  • We announce our Deathly Hallows plans!
  • Draco the Dragon?
  • Why did Jo decide to keep Kreacher in the films?
  • Have the acting skills of the Trio declined in movie?
  • Black Curtain MySpace screenings.
  • Luna, Bellatrix and Umbridge get great reviews.
  • MuggleCast Road Tour and DH Book Release Parties.
  • Listener Rebuttals.
  • Just who was Bellatrix talking about in the Ministry of Magic?
  • Does Lucius have some more “items” at his mansion that may be of use to Harry?
  • Voicemails return.
  • Dueling Club…comedy style.
  • Make the Connection.
  • British Joke.
  • Chicken Soup.

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