Introducing our 2021 MuggleCast Patreon Gifts!

Drum roll, please… it’s time to share this year’s physical gift that will be offered exclusively to Patrons, for no additional charge! This year, we’re pleased to offer you the chance to pick one of two brand new items we’ve created.

Or should we say: We created one, and you have the chance to create the other!

Dumbledore’s Army-level Patrons get to receive one of the following two items, and Slug Club Patrons get to receive one or both:

#1) MuggleCast’s “Sweet 16” Customizable Wooden Model Car. With MuggleCast turning 16 this year, the show is finally able to drive a car in America. The car is laser-cut on 3mm Baltic birchwood and resembles a certain flying one from the series… it is the perfect companion to your shelved books and toys!We created a unique car just for MuggleCast fans. You will receive the pre-cut wood pieces on one slab of wood, a small stick of super glue, along with printed, simple assembly instructions. You will also be able to watch a 20-minute video detailing the process, should you choose. The car is adorned with our classic MicBolt logo and ‘MC16’ on the hood and trunk, and we highly encourage you to paint it any color you like (though paint will not be included).

#2) MuggleCast’s Throwback Socks: For the first time since our very first MuggleCast t-shirt, we are bringing back the iconic MuggleCast Squares artwork (Which was originally inspired by Apple’s iPod marketing campaigns at the time) and stitching them into 6 inch high socks! The squares depict the four current MuggleCast hosts in their original poses and colors from the 2005 t-shirts.The socks include our MicBolt logo, as well as lightning bolts scattered across the feet. Purple and yellow colors adorn the rest of the socks because Micah and Eric insisted their colors be used more because it’s a fun and whimsical look.We are very excited to offer these designs stitched into the socks — this is no simple screenprinting going on.

To receive one of these two items,  pledge today at either the Dumbledore’s Army or Slug Club level on our Patreon! If you pledge at the latter tier level, you’ll have the option to receive both items.

In addition to this gift, you will also receive a slew of other benefits, including Bonus MuggleCast episodes, access to our recording studio, and so much more!

Those who signed up for our Patreon after July 30th, 2021 must remain a Patron for a minimum of three months before your order will be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Patreon or our Contact Form here on Thanks in advance for your support!